Multiple Apple Watch Series 7 models mark shipping dates for November 10-16

It is true that the number of models available Apple Watch Series 7 It means that we do not have too many delays in shipments at the moment, but some of them are showing signs of shortages with expected shipping dates for the second week of next month.

The Models showing shipments between November 10-16 they are few but they exist. In this case, what seems clearer to us is that all the models to which a different strap is added or the most exclusive titanium models, for example, have the most delays.

Low stock does not help shipments either

At the beginning of the sales all the models indicated delivery dates for next week, the lucky initial buyers they will surely receive their watch next Friday. On the other hand, many of those who intended to buy this watch right now were with the most distant shipments.

As you can see in the upper capture of this article, the Apple Watch Series 7 with that finish and that strap shows shipping dates for the second week of November. Something that seems to be difficult to improve rather the opposite, and shipments are expected to continue accumulating delay as the hours go by. In any case, it was already said that the stock of these watches would be scarce and it is being demonstrated with the first reservations.

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