Music to read? Grab these 5 Apple Music playlists

More and more users are betting on subscribing to Apple Music before other platforms, and great blame for this lies with the numerous and varied playlists that exist within this service from the Cupertino company, this being one of the key points of the comparison between Apple Music and Spotify, although that is another topic. For this reason, in this post we want to recommend up to 5 different playlists for those moments when you want to relax and read one of your favorite books.

Ideal playlists to read

One of the main objectives that Apple has through its music service is to give all its subscribers the opportunity to have a perfect soundtrack for each moment or activity that they carry out in their day to day, and that is that each and every one of the songs found in the Apple Music playlists are carefully selected by different experts. That said, one of the most relaxing and appealing moments of the day for lovers of reading is when they pick up their book and immerse themselves in the letters and stories that it tells them, and for that experience to increase, having a A proper production list is ideal, so here are up to 5 different options that you can find on Apple Music.

  • Reading. There is little to tell about what and who this playlist is made for, as the name says it all. In it you will find songs that are perfect for that moment of reading in which you seek to find the right relaxation and peace to immerse yourself in each book.

  • Piano to disconnect. A good reading always makes you disconnect from the reality in which you find yourself, and get into another parallel created by the author and his lyrics. To make this even more evident, this playlist has a series of songs where the piano is the true protagonist, an instrument that has a tremendous capacity to immerse people in an ideal rest and disconnection for reading time. .
  • classic to concentrate. Sometimes, there are readings that require a special concentration to be able to understand them and get fully into the skin of their characters and stories. With this playlist you will find the ideal balance between momentum and tempo to be able to concentrate.

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  • lofi sunday. One of the best times to read is, without a doubt, on a Sunday afternoon, and this playlist has the ideal topics for that time of the week. Its soft beats are perfect to relax on your sofa, in bed or simply in your chair on the beach accompanied by your book of the moment.
  • Ludovico Einaudi: essentials. Before we said that the piano is capable of spreading both emotions and sensations of all kinds. Well, one of the most prestigious piano artists is Ludovico Einaudi, and therefore, this playlist with its essentials is ideal for relaxing while you carry out your beloved daily or weekly reading.

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