MuySeguridad Recaps (CXVII): McAfee, Threats 2022, Microsoft

If there is a company that always gives something to talk about in the world of security, it is none other than McAfee, either because of its controversial founder, or as in this case, because it has been involved in some important financial operation. We therefore begin our Very Security Recaps this week, realizing how a group of investors seems willing to spend more than 14,000 million dollars in a company that has been practically everything it could be in this field.

Of course, there is much more and we talk about Microsoft twice: first, because it has just published a new patch for Exchange that you should apply as soon as possible; secondly, because it has just presented Defender for Business, a twist on what is one of its most important products in the field of cybersecurity.

We also tell you that the first reports that alert us to the threats that arrive next year are beginning to be published. And we would love it to be good news, but it is not the case: more ransomware, fake news, attacks on the supply chain …

A group of investors will buy McAfee for 14,000 million dollars

A new era for McAfee… A group of international investors will buy McAfee for 14,000 million dollars, acquiring all the outstanding shares of the company after paying a premium of 22.6% compared to the trading price of November 4. The group will pay $ 26 in cash for each common share of the cybersecurity firm.

Nine threats that will impact companies in 2022

CISOs will not be able to take a break in 2022. What has undoubtedly become the most “stressful” ICT profession is going to need to be bolstered with more budget and renewed energy. And is that as they point out from Check Point in their report on cybersecurity trends for next year, what we have seen in 2021 is just an appetizer of what we can face in a few months.

Urgent security patch for Microsoft Exchange

We find a vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-42321 and which allows remote exploitation, it is not particularly complex and can lead to the execution of arbitrary code. Thus, as you can suppose, we are talking about a very serious threat, and that therefore must be mitigated as soon as possible. Touch patch.

Microsoft announces Defender for Business and other cybersecurity news

Microsoft has held this week the IGNITE 2021 conference where it has announced great news in all areas. In what concerns us in this medium, there have also been important announcements in cybersecurity where we highlight the new Defender for Business solution.

Patching vulnerabilities, an urgent action for governments and companies

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a binding directive for the implementation of vulnerability patching to occur at specific and more aggressive times. The directive is directed at federal agencies, although it is also recommended for private companies and state entities.

US puts Pegasus creator NSO Group on blacklist

The United States has blacklisted the Israeli firm NSO Group, according to our fellow MCs. If you do not remember the controversies associated with NSO Group and Pegasus, Amnesty International has denounced their activities since 2018, when MuySeguridad echoed the outrages that were being committed with this development.

Wallix Bastion 9 strengthens the security of privileged accounts in all kinds of scenarios

Wallix has just announced the launch of Wallix Bastion 9, the new version of its Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, which has been developed taking into account how the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the digital transformation of many companies and the development of hybrid work.

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