MWC 2022: our handling of the Galaxy Book 2, the new Samsung PCs arriving in France

Samsung took advantage of MWC 2022 to unveil its new range of PCs: the Galaxy Book 2. Many variations have been presented, but the star is the 13-inch ultra-portable Galaxy Book 2 Pro. Surprise of the chef, Samsung will market its products in France.


In 2015, Samsung abandoned the PC market in France. In 2022, the Korean brand surprises its world at the MWC in Barcelona by announcing its big comeback! It will be done with the Galaxy Books 2. This range relies both on its design and on convergence with the Samsung ecosystem.

Range Galaxy Book 2 is split into two parts for four different PCs in total. Here is the list of PCs presented, which are available in both 13 inches and 15 inches:

  • Galaxy Book 2
  • Galaxy Book 2 360
  • Galaxy Book 2 Pro
  • Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

The classic Galaxy Book 2, PCs that seek compromise

Let’s start with the “classic” Galaxy Books. LCD screen and magnesium chassis which is not surprising. Inside we find an Intel processor of 12and generation, either i5 or i7. If the design is chic and neat, we remain in the great classic.

Two variations are offered. We have a laptop model as well as a 360 model. The latter has a touch screen that can pivot around the keyboard to use it as a tablet. It’s even compatible with the S-Pen.

Galaxy Book 2
Galaxy Book 2

We were able to manipulate them and the first impression is very positive. These Galaxy Book 2 are mid-range products that are very well finished and pleasant to handle. Special mention for the keyboard. We couldn’t determine if the keys were ceramic, but that’s the impression they give. The result is a pleasant, very pleasant typing, at the level of that of Microsoft’s Surface Book, the best on this point.

Galaxy Book 2
The Galaxy Book 2 360

The classic Galaxy Book 2 will be marketed from 799 euros while its 360 version will be sold for 1399 euros, but will only offer a configuration with a Core i7.

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The Galaxy Book 2 Pro, the stars of the range

Let’s continue with the Galaxy Book 2 Pro. This model is also available in classic and 360 versions. It also has an Intel Core processor with 12and generation. The first major difference with previous models lies in the screen, since the Pro are equipped a Super AMOLED panel (Full HD, 60Hz). This makes all the difference, the PC offering a very bright image with infinite contrast, like on a smartphone. We simply regret that the screen / facade ratio has not been pushed further.

Galaxy Book 2
The Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

The second difference is the more polished design. The chassis is thinner and the PC lighter. Again, the models are available in 13 and 15 inches. It’s the 13-inch Galaxy Book 2 Pro that Samsung wants to showcase. The PC weighs only 900 grams on the scale, which is impressive in the hands. It adopts a very appreciable fineness, less than 1 cm. A practical PC for nomads!

Galaxy Book 2

The Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 will be sold from 1599 euros in 13 inches and 1699 euros in 15 inches. At this price, the S-Pen is provided. The Galaxy Book 2 Pro is sold from 1299 euros. All models will be released on 1er April 2022.

Galaxy Book 2
The Galaxy Book 2 Pro

On all its PCs, Samsung promises convergence with other Galaxy products thanks to an application preinstalled on Windows 11: Galaxy Book Experience. It is actually a HUB connected to your Samsung account which will allow you to find all your data, whether it is your notes taken on the Galaxy Tab or the photos on your Galaxy S22. An interesting idea that should satisfy fans of the brand

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