MWC 2022 showcases the rise of refurbished phones

refurbished mobiles

Refurbished mobiles have become one of the main protagonists in the midst of the great novelties in telephony that are presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022) that is being held these days in Barcelona.

The momentum that sustainability is experiencing is leading more and more users to consider the possibility of buying a refurbished mobile instead of a new one. These are used devices before they are put up for sale again and have been professionally examined and repaired before they are 100% functional again.

The fact that these devices have a series of services such as a warranty or return period, makes them more attractive and reliable for users.

The MWC 2022 has been the showcase for the wide range of refurbished mobiles

The growth that this market segment is experiencing has led to this edition of the Mobile World Congress being held in Barcelona, ​​refurbished mobiles have had an unusual role.

Brands such as Honor, Nokia, POCO or realme, have been some of those that have opted to show their proposal in this contest in refurbished mobiles with very attractive features for users, such as longer battery life, or better photographic quality.

The great assets of refurbished mobiles

A lesser known brand but that has presented an interesting proposal is SMAARTwith a commitment to refurbishing mobile phones to give them a second life while allowing more responsible consumption.

The average price of original smartphones has grown by 17.1% in the last two years

In addition, as they point out from this firm, this type of device can be up to 50% cheaper than a new mobile, which is also driving its adoption. In this line, it should be noted that, according to a study by idealo, the average price of smartphones has grown by 17.1% in the last two years. The chip and semiconductor crisis It has been one of the reasons for this price increase that is decanting consumers to buy refurbished mobiles for that price factor.

However, their contribution to respecting the environment is one of their great strengths, as they have a collection network that allows them to collect more than 75% of smartphones in France and helps reduce pollution related to transport.

Another of the attractions of its offer is that, being refurbished mobiles, they have a lower impact on CO2 emissions. Bearing in mind that 80% of the carbon pollution of a phone is due to its manufacture, which translates into 60 kilos of CO2 emissions, in the case of reconditioned phones, this pollution is only 8%.

Back Market, another firm dedicated to refurbishment, is also at this MCW 2022 with a wide range of refurbished mobiles. The company exhibits a varied offer betting on The sustainability and noting that each refurbished smartphone saves 175 grams of electronic waste. Pointing out data from the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), each mobile phone generates around 199 grams of electronic waste, while a reconditioned one generates 88% less.

This, together with the need for fewer raw materials for its manufacture, in addition to other characteristics in line with sustainability, makes these refurbished mobiles an increasingly attractive and affordable alternative. more adept How do you see your sales?

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