MX Linux 21 wants to be the alternative to Windows 11 based on Debian

MX Linux is a lightweight Linux distro based on Debian that seeks to offer users an alternative distro to popular ones, such as Ubuntu, much more faithful to what is known as the “Linux philosophy”.

What does this alternative bring to Windows 11?

The new MX Linux 21 is a distribution that uses as a base system the latest Debian 11. This operating system has the Fluxbox window manager, along with two possible desktops to choose the one we like the most: KDE 5.20 (for somewhat modern and powerful computers, much more visually beautiful) and XFCE 4.16 (for older computers with fewer resources).

While Microsoft has wanted to put aside 32-bit systems, MX Linux brings us two different ISO images as standard, one with a Kernel of 32 bit and another with a kernel for 64 bit. Both versions come with Linux kernel 5.10.

The main novelty of this new MX Linux 21 is that, finally, its developers have implemented a system of live boot for UEFI systems. So much of its development – and debugging – has been around both this new secure boot system and making sure the installer works properly.

Its developers have also updated all the programs and packages that make up this distro to their most modern versions, and new programs have been added to the PC. And finally, its creators have also added a new partition selection area within the installer.

Should I update Windows 10 to this new MX Linux 21 now?

At the moment, the new MX Linux 21 is in Release Candidate phase. This means that it is still in the development phase (although near its end), and there can be bugs, problems and errors of all kinds. Therefore, if we are already using Windows 10, it is better to wait a bit before installing this version. If we want it, yes, we can download it from its tests section so that we can start messing with it, either on a test PC or in a virtual machine. And, if we want to install it, yes or yes, then we can download MX Linux 20, which is very stable.

When MX Linux reaches its final version, then we can begin to seriously consider switching to this system. And, thanks to this distro, we will be able to see everything that Debian can offer us away from Microsoft’s control.

If Linux doesn’t quite convince you, and you don’t meet the requirements to be able to use Windows 11, don’t worry. Microsoft has guaranteed that Windows 10 will have supportUntil 2025, at the very least. There are even tricks for installing Windows 11 without the TPM. Therefore, we will be able to think things over and act without haste, before having to make a decision.

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