My PC shut down for no reason, what happened?

Most of today’s desktop computers are based on the windows operating system, a powerful and reliable software but that is not exempt from certain failures. Sometimes it causes our PC to turn off for no apparent reason, let’s see what has happened.

Despite the reliability of the most recent versions of Windows, in certain cases we encounter some problems that harm our experience with the computer. Some of these failures could be considered as seriousso it is advisable to solve them as soon as possible.

It goes without saying that shutting down your computer for no apparent reason can be a major problem. Therefore, we are going to show you how to take a look at the possible reasons for this.

Check event viewer

In Windows we have an interesting function which is responsible for keeping track of everything that happens in the operating system. Specifically, we are referring to the Event Viewer, a feature that stores everything that is happening on our computer. To access this section we only have to write its name in the search box that is located on the Windows taskbar.

In the new window that appears, more specifically in the left panel we are located in Windows / System Registries. Next, we click with the right mouse button to select the option called Filter current record. Here we find a text box that says All Event IDs. In it, separated by commas we will have to type the following ID numbers. This will help us to better identify the possible causes of the sudden shutdown of our PC.

  • Event 41: refers to the fact that the computer did not restart correctly, which means that the computer has stopped responding and has crashed.
  • Event 1074: This is triggered when the user manually shuts down or restarts the computer. It also occurs when the system automatically reboots to apply updates.
  • Event 6006: Here we have an event that is logged when the system shuts down in the conventional way.
  • Event 600: in this case the event is recorded when the computer starts up.
  • Event 6008 – Indicates that the previous shutdown was unexpected.

Do it from PowerShell or from CMD

It must be taken into account that we also have the possibility of determining the reason for the sudden shutdown of our computer through the command line. This is something that we are going to show you next, for example, typing cmd In the search box and when the command prompt window opens, type the following:

wevtutil qe System /q:"*[System[(EventID=41) or (EventID=1074) or (EventID=6006) or (EventID=6005) or (EventID=6008)]]" /c:100 /f:text /rd:true

In the same way, instead of using the event viewer that we have seen previously, entering the events that we want to analyze, we can also make use of the tool PowerShell. Again we write a name in the search box on the Windows taskbar to open the corresponding window. Then, no more than we have to type the following command:

Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{ LogName="System"; Id = 41, 1074, 6006, 6605, 6008; } | Format-List Id, LevelDisplayName, TimeCreated, Message

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