My son has been given a Chromebook at school, what can and can’t he do with it?

Technology advances and adapts to both professionals and students. In this case we are going to focus on the second case, since the laptop is becoming a key element for many. Now, many of them focus on Google’s growing Chrome OS, which is arguably the most suitable for students.

The truth is that this company has spent many years fully entering the education sector with its software proposal. In fact, this operating system to which we refer can be considered as one of the most used in laptops for this type of use related to the school, apart from Windows, of course. Thus, we could say that Google has been trying for a long time to grow its proposal in this sense and become important in the education sector.

To say that one of its main premises of Chrome OS is target the young audience running on affordable computers. Therefore, it tries to offer a low resource consumption operating system. Now that many go back to school, we find laptops based on this proposal.

Why Chrome OS is used so much in education

When talking about Chrome OS we find an operating system in which they try to save computer resources, so a good part of its operation is focused on the cloud. In addition, it offers a very simple and affordable interface even for the youngest of the house. Due to all this, it can work with ease working with fairly basic hardware.

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The truth is that, in certain countries such as the United States, laptops based on Chrome OS or ChromebooksThey’ve been using it for years. Likewise, little by little they are spreading to other regions, as is the case in our country. And it is that the advantages of using a team based on this system are many, especially for younger students.

Its main objective is the reduced consumption of resources of the PC that it presents. This allows us to significantly reduce the initial cost of the laptop itself. In addition, much of its use is centered on the browser and cloud. First of all, we will tell you that computers based on Chrome OS are often known as Chromebooks.

What kids can and can’t do with a Chromebook

Well, if your child has been given a computer with these characteristics to use at school, it is important to know what he can or cannot do with it. To begin with, we will tell you that the PC is limited from the educational center itself. In this way, what is achieved is that children can only use the applications they need for study-related topics. Also, all this remotely controlled from the very center, which makes control much easier.

The use of streaming platforms such as YouTube or the social networks are widespread among the youngest. However, on these Chrome OS-based computers, all of this is blocked, so they will never be able to access it. Something similar happens with certain non-permitted applications where the games. In the same way and as it is easy to imagine, children will not be able to install programs of their own free will on this computer that used to study. To guarantee all this, if it is necessary to install specific software, it is done remotely from the center itself.

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Hence, the use of Chrome OS today is considered the best option to use in educational centers thanks to all the advantages it offers in this regard.

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