My Story: From Cristina López to Cristinini

If you don’t know Cristinini, most likely, everything that I am about to tell you next sounds a bit like Chinese. And yet, the truth is that for some time now it has become a media phenomenon, thanks to a overwhelming personality, nails communication skills that are innate, and a tenacity and a spirit of work that, what an ant, they have led her to build an image that makes her, today, not only a celebrity, but also one of the streaming figures with the greatest future projection.

One of the things that I do not like, seeing many hasty trials of streamers like Cristinini, is the tendency to think that we are talking about a simple job, that anyone can do and that, therefore, it neither has merit nor deserves recognition. The problem is that, from the outside, the tramoya is not usually seen (which is not in vain usually hidden), which improves the transmitted image, but of course, it causes that a first reading does not contemplate that hidden face that, nevertheless, exists and it can be the most accused.

That is one of the reasons why My Story, the documentary about Cristinini’s story that you can already see on YouTube, I think it is a great success. And it is that in My Story we will see a review of Cristinini’s professional successes, yes, but we will also know the story of Cristina López, a young woman who at one point had to make a risky decision, abandon the perspective of a professional future in which He was not lacking work but that was not what would make him happy, and instead he began to search for the future he dreamed of in the world of video games.

Very few start from the top, and Cristinini’s case is not one of those exceptions. His first professional contact with this sector was a part-time job at a video game store, something that far from flattening her made her feel “inside”, and simultaneously she began to take her first steps in creating content. A decision that was not fully understood by his parents, who nevertheless respected his decision and let him try his luck in such a risky bet.

In My Story we can see the long road traveled by Cristinini from that part-time job in a Game store until being one of the most visible faces of the social phenomenon of streams On Twitch, yes, but also quite a few testimonials from people who have accompanied her on the way, as well as a look behind the scenes, a point in which a reflection of the also very popular Mayichi about what happens when the camera is turned off stands out.

The documentary, by itself, is already very interesting, but if you are one of those people who prefer the version of the audio films commented on by the director, then I recommend that you watch Cristinini’s live show in which he played My Story, pausing it every bit to add comments, reflections, and so on. You can find it at this link (it starts shortly after the first two hours live). Personally, I found the documentary very interesting, but being able to listen to the version commented on by herself has seemed even better to me.

My story lasts about 40 minutes that fly by, since the documentary has quite a rhythm, the large number of testimonies makes its vision much more plural and, above all, it reminds us that behind Cristinini is Cristina, a person who chose to take risks, to try, and who has had You have to face a lot to get to your current situation. A merit that we should not stop taking into account when evaluating their work.

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