Myth or truth? Hoaxes about Excel that you should not believe

When we talk about spreadsheet programs, the main tool that comes to mind is Excel, belonging to Microsoft’s Office suite of office automation. It’s a wildly popular app for both good and bad. And it is that, sometimes, on the Internet we can find all kinds of statements or rumors that finally have little to do with reality.

Myths and hoaxes prevail in our lives to such an extent that they are able to cover up the truth. That is why they must be recognized and corrected to avoid misleading many users. This is something that happens often with an application like Microsoft Excel, so it is convenient that you know it so that you are not misled.

Excel, the most complete spreadsheet

Microsoft has managed to make Excel the most widely used application to work with spreadsheets worldwide, since its users number in the millions. Despite the fact that each time applications try to appear that try to copy it and broadcast it, the truth is that none is capable of approaching it. Even its default format, XML, has become an industry standard. In this way, we are facing a spreadsheet used by both professionals as home users with which to perform different types of tasks. Be it from keeping business accounting, performing formula calculations, to simply creating a calendar.

Despite the enormous popularity of this Microsoft application, this tool also has detractors who try to discredit its use through use of false myths that they should not mislead us. That is why it is important that we know some of the most important that we can find on the Internet.

Main hoaxes that we should know

Next, we are going to show you some of the most common hoaxes that we can find on the Internet about Excel and that we should not take into account because, in general, they are far from being true.

A very widespread rumor is found in statements such as that Excel is just a tool for accountants, a statement that is quite far from reality. It is true that it is a widely used application within the administrative and accounting field to keep the accounting of a company. But this does not mean, much less is it necessary to be an accountant to know how to use it or take advantage of many of its characteristics.

Another widespread hoax is that we are facing a tool that it only serves to work, something that is not true either. Its main use is usually related to the workplace, that is true, but it does not have to be something exclusive. Not surprisingly, it is a dynamic tool that can be used in various ways. For example, there are people who use the application to play complete games using their cells such as Sudoku, a game of Tetris or Chess. There are even people who are able to create works of art using this application as a drawing canvas.

Other hoaxes talk about the need to be a math expert for use, which is a false assumption. Unless we are using a statistical analysis package, basic arithmetic is the only requirement to start working with the application productively. We can also read comments that spreadsheets are not secure, something that does not have to be the case, since Excel, since its 2016 version, allows you to set a password with 256-bit AES protection to prevent our spreadsheets from being edited or modified.

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