Mythical New York settings where you saw Spider-Man

Where were the Spider-Man movies filmed?

There are many people who are fond of the world of cinema, who greatly enjoy BTS. So much so that some of them are even created profiles on Instagram about movies and series to collect mythical scenes. Or, they directly recreate it with a capture going directly to the place where they were shot. A genius.

Specifically, speaking of Spider-Man, many of the scenes in his films are shot in New York itself. Place where we have seen him swing with his cobwebs, climb buildings or look at nothing, rethinking the reason for his powers.

Of course, the movies of this superhero were not entirely filmed in this city. There are many others, including our own country, Spain. And the occasional one that was captured using CGI techniques from the cinema.

Known places in New York where you saw Spider-Man

Now, speaking of New York specifically, there are many known locations that this character stepped on throughout his films.

A very clear example of these scenes is the mythical fight between Spider-Man and Electro in Times square in the film The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro. A super known place for its LED billboards, constant traffic at any time of the day and large crowds.

If we go further back to the beginnings of this character on the big screen, we can get to one of the first scenes of the “original” Spider-Man movie. Specifically, the shot in which we can see Peter Parker running after the school bus was shot in Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York. To be more exact, the shot was shot at the intersection of 44th Street and Queens Boulevard.

Even the fictional house of the character in this same movie that saw the light in 2002 is located on 69th Road, in Forest Hills.

Remember that moment when Spider-Man has to decide between saving Mary-Jane or a group of people from a cable car? This scene of fight between the spider-man and the Green Goblin is very mythical. Well, for the most curious, this was recorded in the Rooselt Island Tram In New York. Even if you go through there, you can ride this cable car.

Surely you will also be familiar with the newspaper where Peter Parker, in the moments when he is not wearing the Spider-Man suit, works on his first films. Well, the fictitious headquarters of this newspaper is located in the well-known Flatiron Building in this great city.

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