N26, Revolut, Monese: where to find the IBAN and the account number of your neobank?

When setting up transfers or declaring taxes, it is sometimes necessary to enter your IBAN or the portion referring to the account number. This is where to find them if you are a client of a neobank located abroad such as N26, Revolut or Monese.

During certain administrative formalities, you may be asked to enter your IBAN or your account number. This is particularly the case when regular transfers or direct debits are set up or when you complete your annual tax return. If you have opened an account in a foreign neobank, you may be wondering where to find this information. Don’t worry, this data can be found very easily. This is the procedure to follow, depending on the establishment of which you are a client.

Where can I find my IBAN and Revolut account number?

Your Révolut IBAN is available in the bank’s mobile application, Revolut indicates on its blog. Just click on the flag of the European Union, located next to the Euro balance displayed on the home page to display it. Your account number is the last ten digits of the IBAN.

You can find your Revolut IBAN here. // Source: Revolut screenshots, Numerama annotations

Where can I find my IBAN and N26 account number?

You can retrieve your IBAN on the N26 site by going to the customer area. In the “My Account” section, a section is devoted to it, explains N26 on its site. Clicking on the icon at the top right of the box allows you to copy your account data. Otherwise, the “Download” section (the arrow icon next to the “Send” button) allows you to download your account statement on which this information also appears. Remember that the last ten digits of your IBAN make up your account number.

Your IBAN N26 can be accessed here. // Source: N26 screenshots, Numerama annotations

It is also possible to retrieve the IBAN in the N26 application. You will find a section on this subject in the My Account section. ” Simply click on the icon to the right of the box to directly copy and send your account data », Specifies N26. By clicking on the icon with three bars at the top right, then on “Statements”, you can otherwise download an account statement in which the IBAN is also recalled, at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find my IBAN and Monese account number?

French customers of Monese should not be disoriented. Since mid-2020, the neobank has started offering French account numbers. The IBAN therefore adopts the classic structure of French IBANs: the first characters are the letters FR followed by two characters making up the IBAN key. Then come the five digits of the bank code and the other five of the branch code. The eleven characters that follow correspond to the account number. The IBAN ends with the two characters corresponding to the RIB key.

You can find your Monese IBAN here. // Source: Monese

The IBAN for your Monese account is available in the “Account Details” section, below your balance, on the mobile app’s home screen, the company explains. The information is also displayed in the “Account” menu at the top left.

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