NAD M23 Hybrid Digital, new stereo amplifier that promises incredibly low distortion

It is not the first time that we talk to you about the solutions of NAD, a manufacturer specializing in sound products and enjoying great prestige in the sector. For example, when we had the opportunity to analyze the NAD T758 V3, it became clear to us that this firm knows what it is doing. And now has just introduced a new stereo amplifier that promises incredibly low distortion.

We are talking about the NAD M23 Hybrid Digital, a product that exudes quality from each of its pores to offer an impressive appearance, in addition to the most advanced technology.

NAD M23, an amplifier that does not disappoint

In the design section we find a product thatIt boasts a sleek alloy casing, with iso-point magnetic feet. to provide a foundation for multi-layer circuit boards and internal construction. And when we lift the hood, we find a product that does not disappoint.

For it, bet on its Purifi Eigentakt technology, introduced in the incredible NAD M33 BluOS and now comes to this new model. Through Purifi Eigentakt, NAD promises to eliminate harmonic distortion, intermodulation and noise to a minimum. And its invariable frequency response depending on the load will allow you to connect all kinds of speakers.

Main characteristics of the NAD M23

NAD M23 from behind

  • Purifi Eigentakt™ amplification technology
  • Continuous power output: 2x200W at 8 ohms; 2x380W at 4 ohms
  • Dynamic power output: 2x260W at 8 ohms; 2x520W at 4 ohms
  • Bridged Power Output: 700W mono continuous into 8 ohms
  • noise, harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion virtually
  • Wide, flat frequency response at any speaker load
  • Balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs with auto-sensing
  • Three-position adjustable gain control
  • 12V input

On the other hand, this M23 Hybrid Digital model also offers amplification technology to deliver a minimum of 200W per channel with dynamic power reserves at low impedances. To give you an idea, the NAD M23 Hybrid Digital is capable of exceeding 260W of dynamic power per channel even at 8 ohms, and more than 520W at 4 ohms.

From NAD they report that their M23 can be used as a bridge to extend the power of the M33 BluOS, creating a 2 X 700 W system. It also features switch-mode power supplies and Class D output stages that NAD promises are linear over a wide bandwidth to deliver top-of-the-line performance when connecting all kinds of loudspeakers.

If you are interested in the new NAD M23, know that it will arrive in Europe this month at a price of 3,499 euros.

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