Nanoleaf launches new decorative lights: Lines

It is one of the firms that we have seen in I’m from Mac on numerous occasions in terms of home automation lights compatible with HomeKit. In this case, the firm Nanoleaf launches its new series of Lines lights, which are nothing other than LED decorative lights in linear format.

We usually know this signature from the Nanoleaf Shapes in the form of trangules or hexagons and now the signature presents some new lights with linear design that surely meet the expectations generated a few weeks ago when they warned the rumors about a new line of products.

Nanoleaf Lines is a different way of lighting

Nanoleaf Lines design

It is about personalizing a room to the maximum and in this case the new lines with LEDs from Nanoleaf offer a different form of personalization. We can enjoy a fully customized configuration thanks to connection options They offer between the lines and customization with their app. And it is that we have thousands of combinations of colors, shapes and designs which offer the user a totally different experience from what we are used to.

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The accessories that are added in the form of an expansion pack, black skin kits so that the front part adapts to our room or even extra flexible connectors to place more lights and in a different way, make these new Nanoleaf in lights different from the rest of the typical LEDs that we find in the market.

The best thing is that you watch the presentation video of these new Nanoleaf Lines:

The price of these new Lines starts at 199 euros and adds 9 lines of LED light so that you can make a personalized and exclusive design for your setup. Add the charger itself, the hooks to make the designs and of course the light bars in the box. Actually, we love these types of lights because of the modularity they have and above all because of how well they look aesthetically speaking. They also have a dimmable light power from the app or from HomeKit that allow various intensities.

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