Nanoleaf updates its application for Shapes and Elements

Nanoleaf series products compatible with Apple’s HomeKit continue to receive improvements in the form of updates to their application. In this sense, the firmware released 6.1.0 a few hours ago allows support for essential controls with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung Smart Things, in addition to Apple’s HomeKit logically. In addition, improvements are added to the application with a new view in the more tab, ability to share scenes between Essentials and Light Panels and more….

The good thing about this new version is that in addition to the typical bug fixes, artificial intelligence improvements and other bug fixes, options are also added to share scenes between panels or to improves the update process for Essentials. All this in a new version that is already available for iOS devices and that surely if you have activated the automatic updates you will already have it installed on your device.

What kind of updates offer the panels a series of improvements thanks to the connectivity with the routers and therefore we recommend installing it as soon as possible. These decoration and lighting panels can be found on the official Nanoleaf website or even in e-commerce stores such as Amazon. The best of all is that updates don’t stop and improvements continue to be implemented in these panels to offer a better user experience.

Nanoleaf Smarter Series (AppStore Link)

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