Nanoleaf: what are they, models, where to buy them, why are they so famous

Nanoleaf product types


Before launching to buy any product of this brand, the first thing you should know is that there are different lines Y not all are compatible with each other. Once you have located the type of panel you want to install in your room, the second thing you have to know is that, to begin with, you will have to buy yes or yes a starter kit. Once you have it, you can enlarge your designs using the expansion packs, which add new pieces so that you can give total freedom to your imagination and create the designs completely to your liking.

However, you also have to know that each independent figure that you want to create with Nanoleaf requires a new starter kit. This occurs because the module that provides electricity to the set comes only in the initial pack. Therefore, any figure that is not interconnected to another set will require one of those kits.

If you are interested in getting started in this world, the ideal is that you start with a starter kit. Later, you can buy all kinds of extension sets whenever you want. Our recommendation is that you keep an eye on key dates such as Black Friday or even Amazon Prime Day, since these products tend to lower their price considerably during those days of the year.

These are all Nanoleaf products what’s on the market so far:

Nanoleaf Shapes

nanoleaf shapes multi

It is Nanoleaf’s best-selling and most famous line. They are colored panels with different shapes. The original models were only triangular, but later other versions came out hexagonal Y also they mini triangles, which are the perfect complement, as they allow us to add details to our designs. However, within the Shapes line, all the products are compatible with each other, so you will be able to create all kinds of complex figures by combining the three geometric shapes as you like.

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles

Nanoleaf triangles from the Shapes series they are the most demanded light panels. They are not as big as hexagons and also less economical in comparison. But in return, they are whats most colorful. The Internet is full of examples of figures made with these triangular kits with which exquisite designs can be made.

Starter Kit + 9 Pieces:

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons

Hexagonal panels are very interesting as they are a lot bigger than the triangular ones, and the price that the kits usually have is similar, so they are cheaper. In return, we will not have as much creative freedom as with triangles. Although that should not limit you, since you can combine hexagons, triangles and mini triangles in the same design without any problem, as long as they are all of the line Nanoleaf Shapes.

Starter Kit + 9 Pieces:

Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles

nanoleaf mini triangles

Very few users buy a mini triangle starter kit, and in fact, they are quite difficult to find. Usually mini triangles are used as a complement for large triangles and hexagons. Thanks to these small panels, you will be able to give much more detail to your figures. Our recommendation is that you buy an expansion pack of ten units, and only when you are already clear about how the starter kits work.

Expansion Pack of 10 units:

Nanoleaf Elements

The Elements are very similar to hexagonal shapes, only they are designed with a wood finish looking to add a touch of personalization to interior design. They add elegance while breaking with the traditional use of ceiling lamps and light bulbs. Are compatible with the Shapes line, but they are really designed to be used with other products of the same style and thus not break the harmony. Still, if you can think of a fun way to combine these two different series and create original figures, don’t be shy.

Nanoleaf Canvas

nanoleaf canvas

Finishing with the panels, the Canvas series uses the same technology as the Shapes range, but they are square shape. If you like Pixel Art and your intention is to make luminous figures with the panels of this brand, then Canvas is the best option you can choose.

Starter Pack of 9 units:

Nanoleaf Lines

nanoleaf lines

In this case, Lines is not made up of panels but of light bars that connect to each other. The segments are short, so you will be able to create silhouettes with great precision and later establish color gradients and even create lighting patterns. This series has been extremely successful lately, and in fact, it is practically impossible to find the kits in stores.

Nanoleaf Essentials

nanoleaf essentials

They are a new line of basic products that the brand has launched taking advantage of its success. The Smart Bulb bulbs and the lED strips. These products are intended for compete with the Philips Hue system and other market proposals, but integrating with the ecosystem that Nanoleaf has built in recent years.

Nanoleaf Aurora

nanoleaf aurora

Although it is already difficult to find them, Aurora series precedes Shapes Triangles. This series of panels were larger than the current triangles, and had a larger white part to make the connections with the rest of the modules. They were not tactile and to get the musical functions, the module had to be purchased separately Nanoleaf Rythm Module. In addition, its controller was only capable of managing 30 panels, while the current Shapes, with Connect + connection can be grouped into blocks of 500 units. Of course, it is necessary to use several additional power supplies.

Distribution, integration and where to buy

The strong point of this product is its integration with multiple systems of many brands. Mainly, it is compatible with home automation systems Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

On the other hand, Nanoleaf has your own ecosystem applications:

  • Nanoleaf Screen Mirror: available for both Windows and Mac, this program obtains the predominant colors on our computer screen and projects them through the panels, working like the Philips Ambilight system.
  • Nanoleaf Mobile App: this application is available for both iOS and Android and it will allow us both to turn the panels on and off, and to create all kinds of scenes and environments that we will be able to activate both with the application and with voice commands to our smart assistant .
  • Nanoleaf Desktop App: we will be able to perform the same functions with the desktop application. As in the first case, it has versions for both Windows and Mac.

But not only there is the thing. Also exists compatibility and synchronization with the system Razer Chroma RGB, with the app SmartThings, Flick Y Thread.

If you were wondering, you will also be able to use these panels if you do not have Internet or if you are concerned about your privacy thanks to the possibility of offline configuration.

Where to buy Nanoleaf?

Nanoleaf systems can be found in many stores. In Spain we can find the kits both in Amazon like in stores like Leroy merlin, MediaMarkt and some Apple stores and distributors.

This post includes affiliate links and The Output could receive a commission for them. Even so, the decision to include them has been made freely, by editorial criteria and without responding to any type of request by the aforementioned brands.

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