NASA will show that it is capable of deflecting an asteroid; will crash ship “Armageddon” style

Even though it sounds like a blockbuster action movie, The NASA you will see how effective it has been shown so far only in science fiction stories, that it is capable of deflect dangerous asteroids that attempt against the safety of planet Earth.

The last antecedent that set a profound change was 66 million years ago with the impact of a meteorite in Yucatan that caused the Chicxulub crater and also ended the reign of the dinosaurs on the face of the earth.

According to the United States National Geological Institute, planet Earth receives on average about 30 thousand tons of interplanetary dust and meteroids per year. According to the Institute, space debris is constantly falling on our heads that most are disintegrated when crossing the planet’s atmosphere.

However, there are cases of stellar fragments that manage to “survive” the friction and transfer of the atmosphere that manage to impact on the surface of the Earth, such was the case of an asteroid similar to the one that crashed in Yucatan which occurred in the russian city of Chelyabinsk on February of 2013.

Before entering the planet’s atmosphere, said asteroid It was 17 meters high by 15 meters longHowever, by fragmenting it caused the destruction of thousands of buildings and caused 1,500 injuries.

NASA creates the DART

To avoid cases like in Chelyabinsk, NASA prepares the DART mission (Double Asteroid Redirection Test or Double Asteroid Redirection Test) whose objective is to make an impact on the object as “A suicide” of a spaceship so that it manages to deflect the threats against the Earth.

The mission is scheduled to start this next Wednesday, November 24 from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, USA. For 10 months, the DART space mission will travel 11 million kilometers to reach its destination which is the Didymos binary system formed by two asteroids, one main and the other that orbits around it like a kind of Moon.

This “moon” is the target in which DART it will crash not to destroy it, only to divert it from its orbit with that spatial push that will help it move and be observed and measured by powerful telescopes from Earth.

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