«National Emergency» in Europe due to the new wave of COVID-19

A new wave of COVID-19 sweeps Europe increasing alerts and restrictions especially in the countries of the North and East with lower vaccination rates. As an example, Austria, whose government has just issued a mass confinement order and the mandatory vaccination for the entire population. It is the first in the EU to issue this type of global decree, but it will not be the only one.

If you expected a Christmas like “the old ones”, you will have to wait for a better occasion. Europe registers an impressive increase in infections on the threshold of a difficult winter and new restrictions will be imposed throughout the continent. The WHO and the European Medicines Agency have asked governments to increase vaccination rates, especially in the 20-40 year-old segment of the population.

The incidence of cases has skyrocketed in Europe in recent weeks, 230 per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest of any other world region. And if we counted Russia the number would skyrocket. Putin’s country is in absolute chaos, there are 10 million infections and the daily death toll is the highest on the planet: 1,247 in the last 24 hours. Scandalous. New measures of mandatory “health passes” are to be imposed in public places and transport with PCR tests.

New wave of COVID-19: the pandemic is not over

As for the EU data, there has been a 5% increase in deaths from COVID-19 and the trend is clearly upward. Even countries as powerful as GermanyWith districts above 500, they are already having saturation problems in ICUs and plants. They will force “sensitive” personnel to get vaccinated and impose other limitations. In others like PortugalHospitals are under pressure due to the number of hospitalized, with 2,500 new cases of infected daily, the highest daily figure recorded since the end of August.

Much worse in France, registering 10,000 daily cases in the last week. For the moment, confinement is avoided, but it is not ruled out along with new restrictions. It is estimated at 1,000 daily hospitalizations between now and January. Another example is Czech Republic. After registering 22,479 new infections, the highest number of daily cases since the first outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, the government has imposed the closure of restaurants, bars or access to events for the unvaccinated.

On Denmark The infected do not stop growing and the authorities are already warning of a possible hospital saturation, while in the Netherlands they force to show the European Certificate to access non-essential shops. In the United Kingdom, the Johnson Government has also warned that it does not rule out imposing social limitations in the face of the increase in infections.

Austria He takes the cake and this morning has decreed a new national confinement for at least 20 days with the total closure of restaurants, culture, events and shops except those of essential goods. In addition, your government has made it mandatory for all Austrians and residents to be vaccinated. It is the first European nation to adopt such a measure.

As for Spain, the data is somewhat “better” although there is concern about the increase in all parameters in recent weeks. 6,315 new cases in the last 24 hours and 29 deaths, although the cumulative incidence at 14 days continues to rise and stands at 104 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Definitely the high vaccination rate (of the largest in the world) is helping to weather the storm of the new wave of COVID-19 in Europe, the sixth and according to scientists aggravated by the greater degree of contagion of the Delta variant.

Bolt we can’t relax in the slightest. The trend is not good. Health authorities warn that the pandemic is not over (it will still cost us many lives) and insist that the mask, social distance and ventilation remain an essential weapon against the coronavirus. Complicated winter and Christmas with the family? We may be on the home stretch, but this nightmare still continues. Responsibility friend.

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