NBA fan? Personalize Windows with these backgrounds and themes

This will open the Windows «Settings» menu where we will click on the section on “Bottom”. Here we can select any of the images that the system incorporates by default or establish our own image. To do this, it will only be necessary to click on the “Browse” button and choose it from our hard drive. We can use any of the most popular image formats such as JPEG, HEIC, BMP, PNG, TIFF, among others. Once this is done, from the “Choose a setting” section for the desktop image, we can adapt it to our screen.

Set a theme

Establishing any topic is also a task that does not require any complexity. In the same «Settings» menu, we click on the section of “Topics” and we can select some of those that are loaded by default. We can also get new items for free from the Microsoft Store by clicking on the “Browse topics” button. It will only be necessary to select them and it will be applied automatically.

Choose themes to customize Windows 11

We can also download them from third party pages. For this, it will only be necessary that we make sure that the file has an extension deskthemepak, because in this way the operating system will be able to recognize it. Once downloaded, just double-click on it so that it is applied automatically and opening the Settings section showing us the theme already applied.

Basketball Lovers Themes

When it comes to selecting themes for basketball lovers, we have selected a very complete and free website called, which we can access by clicking on this link to its home page. Within its category dedicated to sport we can find a large number of topics related to basketball. All its content has a high image quality and is constantly updated so that we can find a wide variety of content.

When downloading it, the process is very simple. We just have to scroll to the bottom of the screen where we will find the section Download theme for Windows 11/10/8 / 8.1. Click on the blue button where the name appears followed by the extension deskthemepak and choose where we want to save it. Once downloaded, we will double click on the file to apply it.

Boston Celtics Theme

The Boston Celtics is one of the most iconic teams in the NBA and its fans number in the millions around the world. In this pack of images we will find green backgrounds mixed with black and white, its usual colors, as well as its most striking symbols such as the shield or the green clover, along with some of its most mythical players such as Rondon and Pierce. In total, it has 17 images in HD quality that we can download for free.

Boston Celtics Theme

James Harden Theme

Without a doubt, one of the most prominent players in the American basketball league is none other than the eccentric James Harden popularly known for his deep beard. His first team was the Oklahoma Thunders in 2009, which he helped reach the conference finals. Later he became part of the Houston Rockets where he was elected the best guard in the league and most valuable player in 2015. In the 2017/18 season he was the top scorer in the NBA and MVP in the regular league. If we want to decorate our computer with images of this charismatic player, with this theme we will have 16 photos in HD quality, which we can download from this link to its home page.

James Harden Theme

Nike Basketball Theme

One of the most important brands linked to the world of basketball is Nike, which is responsible for equipping the most important players in the world with shoes. If we are basketball fans, we will surely have no problem knowing who these players are. In this topic we will find a total of 13 images in HD quality with photos of the legendary Lebrón James, Derot Williams, Kobe Bryant, various sneakers from the prestigious firm, among others. If we want to provide our Windows computer with the most representative photos of Nike, just download it from the web.

Nike basketball theme

Allan Iverson Theme

One of the most mythical and popular NBA players of all time is undoubtedly Allan Iverson, where he played no less than 14 seasons, currently occupying the seventh place in the category of points per game in NBA history, with an average of 26.7 points per match. This has led him to become an emblem and a highly sought after and remembered player. If you lived through his time as a gamer and want to pay him a well-deserved tribute, you can opt for this theme composed of no less than 17 images in HD quality that you can download from this link to the web.

Allen Iverson theme

Lakers Theme

One of the best and most iconic among NBA teams is the Angeles Lakers. Indelible players such as Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and the best Spanish basketball player of all time, Pau Gasol, have passed through this team. They have been NBA champions up to 17 times, tied for record with the Boston Celtics. If we are followers of this legendary team, we can download this theme composed of 16 backgrounds in HD quality with which to decorate Windows by clicking on this link.

Los angeles lakers

Spectacular backgrounds

If we prefer, we can choose to download a wallpaper from the HDWallpapers page with its corresponding download links with which to customize the desktop background of our computer.

Stephen Curry

Considered by specialists as one of the best triplists of all time, it is not for nothing that he is the player who has scored the most triples in NBA history. In addition, he has been a three-time NBA champion and a two-time regular season MVP. If we are fans of this magnificent player, we can download this background in different qualities from HD to 4K.

Stephen Curry Background

I love basketball

It is possible that our love for basketball is above teams and players, as we enjoy the show without fanaticism. These fans can choose this background that in a dark tone with the phrase I Love Basketball that will indicate to everyone who sees it what is our love for this wonderful sport. We can download it in different resolutions from HD to 4K by clicking on this link to the main page.


Basketball Bugs Bunny Space Jam

Space Jam is a film that mixes live action and cartoons that starred Michael Jordan along with the Warner Bros. cartoons, the Looney Tunes. If we are basketball fans and we especially like this movie, we can download this Bubs Bunny background in different resolution from HD to 4K, by clicking on this link to the website where it is hosted.

Background Background Basketball Bugs Bunny Space Jam.

Adidas NBA Basketball

Another of the most representative basketball brands worldwide and especially in the NBA is Adidas. This prestigious brand dresses many teams and sells millions of sneakers. If we are fans of this particular brand, we can decorate our computer with this striking background of the firm with the image of a player in the air to make a mate. We can download it for free in different resolutions as it suits us, from HD to 4K.

Adidas NBA Basketball Background

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