Nconnect Voice 2.0 from NFON, the value solution for the ICT channel

Raise a good customer service is, and always has been, one of the great challenges for companies. Having the ability to respond efficiently and manage any unforeseen events are two qualities of a competent business, but sometimes it is not enough. Customer experience is a challenge where tools such as Nconnect Voice 2.0 NFON may be the solution you need to offer as a partner. But what is it? how does it work?

How do you explain us Alberto Domarco, TC Manager of NFON Iberia “Nconnect Voice 2.0 is the NFON solution that allows the interconnection of customer switchboards with the public telephone network using SIP trunk technology”.

The solution is designed to connect one or multiple switchboards to the public telephony network, and can even be distributed in different countries, and each one obtain the necessary call issuance and reception services with the national and international numbering that is needed.

Nconnect Voice 2.0 has common functionalities such as interconnection, T.38 support or fax service, as well as other less frequent ones such as fraud control and establishment of black lists for both reception and transmission, as well as advanced high availability mechanisms.

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In the following video, The technical manager of the provider shows us Nconnect Voice 2.0 in action within the Cloudya PBX portal. A space where you can understand all the potential and value that this NFON tool offers. !Do not miss it!

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