Nebula, security in the cloud for Spanish SMEs

Despite its importance, ICT security has always been the “ugly duckling” of company expense budgets. Prevention was seen as something like throwing money away and only businesses that suffered an online attack remembered it.

However, companies and experts in technological security have been trying for many years to make this change, and they have made progress, but slowly.

until it came Wannacry.

It was 2018 and many of the large companies around the world, including Spanish, were the target of this computer attack that went down in history. Finally, the repercussion it had put many businessmen on alert. Perhaps we should invest more in cybersecurity? They asked themselves…

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Meanwhile, the world of SMEs regarded this episode as something alien to them. “We are too small”, the vast majority of micro-business owners told us. “Cybercriminals are not interested in us”, “we have little to steal”, they said.

But, again they were wrong, since the objective of the attacks is not, precisely, money, but data. Small companies, but that work with sensitive information, such as a consultancy, may interest cybercriminals more than they imagine. They would have to ask themselves what type of information they hold, or what they would do if one morning they turned on the computer and asked for a ransom to access your data. Surely they would have to hang the “closed” sign.

In summary: no, SMEs are not safe from cyber attacks. And yes, they do need a prevention system, like everyone else.

Digitization without security? No, thanks

This year is expected to be the best time for SMEs to invest in digitization. All this as a result of the launch of the program Digital Toolkit, which will “distribute” several million to small and medium-sized Spanish companies. After a self-assessment, businesses will know where to start or what digital aspects they are missing.

The cybersecurity It is one of the strong points of these economic aids. And we are sure that many companies will choose to improve (or start) to secure their online work environment. Because security is behind every digitization projectwhether it is the creation of a website, an online store or a network system.

In other words, both social network projects, ecommerce or any digital business presence will become an essential part of daily activity. And security will be an indivisible element to any project. We are not talking about antivirus, but business solutions designed for the activity of small and medium businesses.

An example of a security solution for this type of company is Nebula Togetherfrom the company Zyxel. But, what are their main characteristics and what differentiates them from the rest?

  1. Fast network deployment that offers the business a simple security configuration and a start-up of just a few minutes. This means that, unlike other solutions, you do not have to wait for the service provider to install it, since you can do it yourself following simple instructions. (products: 5G/LTE Router, Nebula LTE3301+, Nebula NR5101).
  2. Secure and fast connectivity, thanks to its ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 hotspot. The network is optimized at the application level and a complementary hotspot security service is also offered. (products: WiFi 6 Access Point, NWA110AX, NWA210AX).
  3. Improve management and cybersecurity. Employees will have secure connectivity and customer service at their disposal. In addition, all management of the solution is done through a unified platform. You have the option to put a double security barrier, through another access point or a firewall. (USG FLEX 100 Products, Switch GS1915).
  4. ATP Cloud Firewalls. Nebula’s Zyxel Security Matrix strengthens your security with this tool, which offers collaborative network defense in addition to sandboxing provisioning.

Nebula - Zyxel

Cloud security, not just a trend

Like other trends in the ICT industry, cloud computing has gradually permeated the entire Spanish business fabric. Almost everyone already knows what it is to have files, photos or services in the cloud. And security is no exception.

According to a study of EurostatIn 2020, 25% of Spanish SMEs were already using cloud computing services, and almost 70% of them did so to store files or make a security copy. With fast-moving work environments, especially after recent health events, the Nebula Together solution is designed to any type of work.

To do this, this technology intelligently adds granular policies, as well as secure login authentication, wherever your employees are. In this way, access to networks from outside the office is guaranteed with complete peace of mind.

In the case of companies that have established branches and need greater scalability and control in network devices, this solution is especially indicated. By doing all management in the cloud, security and connectivity grow without having to invest in expensive licenses and cover different locations, remote workplaces and mobile users.

The same goes for those businesses that have adopted the hybrid model after the pandemic. It is a way of working that combines office attendance with teleworking, in a percentage that varies, depending on each company. This flexibility also requires agile solutions that can be adapted to both modalities. In the case of Nebula Togetherthe administrator can give remote workers authorized access to data or any company service.

On the other hand, the cloud security of this solution allows real-time management and easy implementation, far from complex antiviruses that only slowed down the team’s work. Through a centralized platform, which we have already mentioned, the solution is ready to use anytime, anywhere. Thus, the ICT professional or the person in charge of the company will be able to manage and satisfy all the needs of your managed services (MSP).

Finally, cloud services are also valid and useful for business traditional. And Nebula offers a centralized management system, from where multiple networks and devices can be managed.

The advantages of using Nebula

When looking for a cloud security solution in our business, it would be convenient to first make a list of our needs. What do we expect in the medium term? grow, specialize, outsource? The second step would be to look at the offer on the market and choose a tool that accompanies us in our plans. The advantage of cloud services is that they grow along with our business; In addition to this, if you opt for a solution like Nebula, you will benefit from the following:

  1. Portfolio with a wide range of products. You will be able to choose different firewalls if you decide to open more offices or install remote access points with Secure Wifi and VPN client management for teleworkers, for example. If you have external and mobile employees, easily extend the protection of the parameters.
  2. Smart security. The combination of firewalls plus the cloud security service not only allows threats to be detected on any of the connected devices, but also outside the corporate network. In this way, the solution blocks or quarantines these threats, for later analysis and preventing their entry into the company’s internet.
  3. Management from one place. In the past, security tools had their individual management point and this was a challenge for small businesses, who lacked a specific security department. Now with Nebula, anyone can easily control and manage firewalls, switches, and access points. Everything is in the same console, with the protection and scalability that your business needs. This platform includes the functionality of Layer 3 static routewhich is the one that allows the connection of devices that are located in different networks.
  4. Includes the USG FLEX line, the latest in security firewalls and the company’s most popular line. This series has a selection of tools that are capable of adapting to the size of the companies. What makes the business have 360 ​​protection of its corporate networks.

In conclusionNebula Toguether is the cloud security solution from the Zyxel Network company designed for small and medium-sized businesses. At a time when digitization is experiencing a significant boom, these businesses cannot ignore the protection of their systems. The cloud will allow technology to grow with your company, as well as total protection, wherever your employees are. In addition, with the management console, you will have all the functionalities in one place for its administration.

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