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Halloween It is one of the most anticipated dates for children, since it is very common for them to go out in disguise to the streets to ask for sweets asking the characteristic question: “Can I have my skull, please?”, in Mexico, or “Trick or treat?”, in United States.

Precisely in the neighboring country there were a series of cases that outraged the police, because authorities from various cities released a horrible discovery: they found needles inside chocolates that the little ones received in Halloween.

Needles in chocolates

The first of the cases was registered in the city of Fostoria, in the state of Ohio. There, the Police Division of said city reported that a “child observer” found a sewing needle inside a chocolate bar Of the brand Kit kat that they gave him the night of Halloween.

Why? Why would anyone do this? We’ve all heard of this kind of thing happening, but for someone to do this in our community is really disturbing“wrote the police of Fostoria in a post of Facebook, which was subsequently deleted.

The photo shared by the authorities shows the chocolate in question with a piece of needle sticking out of the bar. The chief of police Keith Loreno told a statement provided by CNN that they are “horrified that someone is crazy enough to want hurt children“.

The second incident took place in the city of Belvidere, in the state of Illinois, where a mother said that when her daughter came home after the “Candy or trick?” bit one snickers barBut he noticed that it contained something hard inside, which in the end turned out to be a needle.

“My daughter was eating her Halloween candy last night and bit a Snickers, saying there was something hard inside. I told him to stop eating it and he started taking it apart to discover a sewing needle“the mother, named Jennifer, told Eyewitness News television.

The woman contacted him Belvidere Police Department and affirmed that while he was doing it, his little girl opened a couple more chocolates, in which she found again pins. Fortunately, no child has been injured.

Minor arrested for lying

On the other side of the story, a 14 year old teenager originally from the north of New York it was arrested for misleading the police about finding one needle inside a bar of chocolate. The child’s father submitted a report to the authorities.

However, during the investigation, the young man confessed that it was he who placed the pin within a twix bar, well “he saw it on the TikTok application and thought it would be fun“wrote the East Greenbush Police Department on Facebook. The defendant was put in conditional freedom.

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