Negative reviews? Don’t worry! learn to manage it

The reviews on the Internet have become an increasingly pressing concern for small and medium-sized businesses. No matter how hard you try to provide excellent service, you will always end up with some negative feedback that make you wobble Online Reputation.

On these occasions, it is important to remain calm, since the users will see your answers, as well as the negative comments. For this reason, you must respond to all opinions, including criticism, in a responsible and professional manner.

Why you should manage your company’s online reputation

The Online reputation management of your business is essential in your sales, since it allows you to make visible what others say about you, on a regular basis, and this directly affects their purchase intention. Since content is continually changing, the people who perceive a brand can also drastically shift. If this turn is negative and you are doing a good follow-up, you will be able to improve or change those aspects that have turned against you.

knowing all the opinions of my business I will be able to avoid the potential loss of a significant number of new customers and sales. In addition, this management will allow a series of benefits:

  • Know first-hand what my clients think. If we want to improve certain aspects of the business and, therefore, sell more, it is necessary to listen to the customer. And that includes both the good and the bad. The trick is to know how to manage reviews and, based on them, apply a certain strategy of online presence.
  • get more potential customers, through the recommendations of other clients. This means an increase in sales with little effort on the part of the company. Of course, it is important to act in a manner consistent with the image or personality of our brand. If we distinguish ourselves by being close, we must act as such if we want to win over this potential public that is looking for that value.
  • differentiation of the competition. The business profile is unique for each company, so associating values ​​with it to build an online reputation takes time, but produces interesting results. Once consumers associate certain characteristics with a brand, the only task is to maintain it. Although it is a double-edged sword, since it can be distorted with a bad decision or action by the company. That is why it is so important brand tracking constant, through the web.

Free online reputation tool

There are free tools like rankingCoach who are responsible for tracking online visibility of your business. In this way, you can forget about this task, so you can focus your time and effort on moving your company forward. You can also add the data of the same in the local search directories, for the ones potential customers of the area know it and increase the possibility of sale.

On a more global level, so that you also have a presence in search engines, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a business profile on Google that is free. If you already have one, add the name of your business, personalize it with photos and information and complete with hours or describe it in a few words. By publishing it you can already receive reviews from users.
  2. Get reviews on Google. To start getting feedback, invite your physical customers to search for you online and share their experience. You should also make an online community, opening business profiles on different social networks. Finally, don’t forget to launch an email marketing campaign or send out newsletters to remind your customers about your business and show them your activity to encourage purchase.

Tips for responding to criticism

Respond to reviews negative or critical it is vital to give a good image to customers, as we have said. But the same goes for the positive, thanking the customer for their assessment gives us a generous and formal image for users. Sometimes, we can find some types of comments that we will not know how to classify or deal with. Here are some ideas:

  1. Dissatisfied customer or fake review. Before you do anything, check if possible if it’s really a customer and it’s a legitimate review. In the event that it is not, you can eliminate it directly or indicate that you are not aware that it has consumed your products or services. You don’t have to apologize this time.
  2. Response tone. Always be polite and empathic, do not use the same tone that the client uses. If you have to apologize, do it and assume your responsibility.
  3. Reply channel. If you see that the client does not listen to reasons or that other users get into the conversation to “add more fuel to the fire”, it is better to direct it by private message.

In short, if you find negative reviews of your business on the Internet, do not panic! In this article we have taught you the best way to deal with this type of evaluation and strengthen your digital reputation. Also, remember that with the free application of rankingCoach you can trace the online visibility of your company and manage everything they say about you, easily.

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