neither Twitch nor YouTube, this is where you should start

Ibai, Xocas, IlloJuan are some of the most popular streamers on Twitch and have become a role model for many young people whose only mission in life is to become streamers, as if it were a path of colors of roses. . Starting to broadcast on Twitch or YouTube or uploading videos to this platform to make a name for ourselves is a long process that requires a lot of dedication if we want to carve out a future for ourselves.

However, it is not the only platform on the market to become a streamer. We are not talking about a platform that 4 cats know, but about Kick, a platform that has become the currently best option for many streamers who are seeing how Twitch does not stop cutting the income they generate, especially in terms of the distribution of subscriptions.

The reason many streamers are leaving Twitch for Kick is revenue sharing. While Twitch distributes the amount of subscriptions (after last year’s modification) 50/50, on this platform the distribution is 95 for the streamer and 5% for the platform. It is likely that over time this percentage will decrease, however, currently it represents a significant difference with both YouTube and the purple platform.

Earn money for streaming from day one

Kick announced a few days ago that, in order to attract a greater number of users, it has created a new monetization system that allows users to earn money from day one, regardless of the number of subscribers they have, the views or the interaction of the users. users on the platform. As stated by Kick in this ad, streamers will be paid $16 an hour and payments are made weekly.

If we want to turn our hobby of video games into a job, if we broadcast 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, we will earn $640 weekly, money that we will receive every week in our checking account. At the moment, it is unknown if there is a maximum limit of hours that can be streamed per week. If it does not exist, the limit will be in the time that we can give you.


The conditions that Kick requires to be able to earn per hour of transmission are very sensible. The first of all is to use a webcam where our faces can be seen, which can be a problem for minors who want to drop out of school to pursue their dream of becoming successful streamers.


The second is to be awake, doing anything and interacting with the chat and the community. Binge-thons that some streamers do on Twitch where they spend half the time sleeping have no place on Kick and shouldn’t have a place on Twitch either.

If we want to try our luck as streamers on Kick, all we have to do is visit their website through this link and register as users to later access the content creators section and follow all the necessary steps to make our dreams come true.

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