NetApp confirms its roadmap towards the exploitation of data in the cloud

NetApp has taken stock today in Madrid of what its activity has been during the last year. And, in the words of José Manuel Petisco, its general director for Iberia, it has accelerated on that journey that in recent times has led it to become a company focused on the exploitation of data, focusing on the cloud thanks to new capabilities of software that allow companies to simplify and optimize their technological infrastructure.

With the declared objective of simplifying hybrid cloud and multicloud environments for companies, Petisco has indicated that in the last year alone the corporation has managed to acquire 140 new clients in the business field. In addition, he pointed out that the company is in a moment of profound transformation in the way it is reaching the market: hand in hand, first of all, with the large hyperscalar players (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure), in a model subscription and “as a service” in the background and with the renewal of a channel that has to adapt to a cloud model as a last resort.

These three ingredients are what have allowed the company to grow more than 60% in cloud environments in the Iberian region and more than 200% if we limit that growth to the public cloud.

Simple, secure and flexible hybrid cloud

In the technological field, Jaime Balañá (NetApp’s technical director) explained some of the latest innovations that have been incorporated into the company’s product portfolio and that make it easier for companies to enjoy a “simple, secure and reliable” hybrid cloud .

Among these, an interesting update of its CloudManager which now unifies management from a single dashboard, offers full integration with System Manager, incorporates AI-based recommended actions, and offers a single point of control for repetitive tasks.

As to keystoneincorporates a storage-as-a-service offer for hybrid cloud and multicloud environments and a more simplified offer that translates into a single subscription for both on-prem and cloud uploads, also allowing reallocation of cloud spending on a quarterly basis.

In the field of security, Balará has revealed what he has called his strategy of cyber resilience, that combines data protection (availability, recovery…) with security (detection and remediation of threats), to which it adds new protection capabilities against ransomware attacks.

Finally, Francisco Torresthe company’s channel director for Iberia, has emphasized how NetApp partners have to adapt to a new business model that involves the development of a much more specialized and segmented channel based on the customer’s profile, in a model to be unified across all regions where NetApp operates.

To this end, the company has committed to allocating effective and specialized resources with a strong component in services that allow its partners to grow in the cloud, with a prescriptive orientation based on real data on coverage ratios and productivity objectives. In other words, like other companies, NetApp wants to say goodbye to the old transactional model and focus its activity on those partners capable of bringing value-added layers and managed services to their customers.

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