Netflix 2022: These are the prices you will have to pay for the service in Mexico

One of the platforms for streaming, movies and series, most recognized today is Netflix, a company that has remained in trend in recent weeks thanks to its most recent successes Squid Game and Arcane, which have not ceased to be among the main topics of conversation on social networks.

In January 2021 Netflix reported that he had a total of 203.7 million users worldwide, far exceeding the statistics reported by HBO who reported that it is around 140 million active accounts.

Among the most used platforms in Mexico, Netflix remains with 89% of captive users, while Youtube with 82.5%, Prime video 45%, Claro Video 28.5% and finally HBO Go 17.5% Which means that people continue to prefer this platform over others.

Price increase on Netflix

In 2020, the Mexican government placed a tax on all digital services, this includes Netflix, which caused a price increase on the platform. The bad news is that for 2022 Netflix announced a new increase in their prices, that will end up impacting users in the country.

As reported at the end of 2019, the Mexican Government is incorporating VAT to digital services such as Netflix as of June 1. Consequently, we have begun to notify our users that there will be an adjustment in our prices, at the same time we have worked to minimize the impact on our Basic plan. Members will see this tax as a separate item on their invoice starting June 1.

Now we know that Netflix will have an additional increase by 2022. The company recently confirmed the official prices that the service will have in Mexico, which will be as follows:

  • The basic service, a device in standard quality, will remain in $ 139 pesosBefore, it cost $ 126 pesos.
  • Standard Plan, two devices in HD quality, it will be in $ 219 pesos, before it cost $ 196 pesos.
  • Premium plan, four devices in UHD quality, it will be in $ 266 pesosBefore, it cost $ 229 pesos.

According to the Netflix spokesperson, all these increases are due to the tax but also to the investment and creation of new content, as well as platform optimization for multiple devices.


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