Netflix buys its third studio and adds three new games to its catalog

That’s right: Netflix also has games and although its offer in this regard is far from the company’s own, the merely audiovisual, the investment continues and this March they close it with the acquisition of a new studio and the relaunch of three new games such as Exclusive to your subscribers.

As you can see, the story revolves around number three, and that is after the purchase of Night School Studio, a developer of titles like afterparty or Oxenfreeand that of Next Games, the team responsible for the game of stranger things or The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and No Man’s Land (sequel to the previous one, not the famous No Man’s Land), the American firm Boss Fight Entertainment becomes the new subsidiary of the big N of VOD.

The only release to date from Boss Fight Entertainment is Dungeon Bossa “strategic RPG” for mobile with moderate success, but which has served as the perfect cover letter for Netflix to buy them with the purpose of “focusing on creating great games without worrying about monetization”, as explained by the company in a press release.

For now, Dungeon Boss It is still available on Google Play and the App Store for anyone who wants to install it, without the need to be a Netflix subscriber. When or if this will change, no warning has been given. However, all these acquisitions seem to be based more on the future than on the present.

On the other hand, Netflix has announced the launch of two new games that are added to its catalog, as well as a third that is yet to come:

  • This Is A True Storya kind of interactive novel with pieces of puzzles
  • Shatter Remastereda modern rehash of the Arkanoid that has been in style in recent years.
  • Into The Dead 2: Unleasheda spinoff of the same title, basically a zombie slayer.

The latest title is the most eye-catching as it’s not out yet and is based on an existing one from a non-Netflix studio…yet? Be that as it may, these three titles are distributed without advertising or any additional payment, since they are exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

In total, Netflix already has 17 games to its credit, 18 when it launches Into The Dead 2: Unleashed and none is a big success or enticing enough to entice anyone to pay for a subscription to their VOD service who isn’t already paying for its content. That is the underlying question.

Netflix does not stop producing tons of content hoping to have a bit for all tastes, without achieving it, because the bulk of what it produces is of questionable quality; It seasons it with extras like these games, which no matter how small, your investment has… And the subscription price continues to rise to be able to afford everything. The question is how long can he continue to do so?

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