Netflix disappears from Nintendo consoles … forever?

Netflix says goodbye to Nintendo

The position of the Japanese manufacturer regarding the streaming service is quite clear, since the Netflix application will never again be available on consoles. The application directly stopped working on June 30th, something that Nintendo already advised in advance and that has been officially applied on the announced day. In this way, Wii U and 3DS lose access to the service, and Netflix disappears forever from any Nintendo console.

And it is that as much as it is hard to believe, Nintendo Switch does not have an official Netflix application either, so the service is now officially outside the Nintendo ecosystem. It is very strange that a portable console like the Switch does not offer Netflix compatibility, but Nintendo has always been quite reluctant to include the slightest support for the streaming service, very possibly because it would reveal the lack of autonomy of the integrated battery. Watch a 2 hour movie on the console after gaming? Possibly not the most practical, and most likely the battery will not let you complete the movie session.

It will not be for options

Install YouTube on Nintendo Switch

Anyway, let’s face it. Not even the current screen encourages watching movies and series on Switch, it is not the ideal device considering that Netflix is ​​practically available on any device with a screen. The strange thing is that we can install YouTube on Nintendo Switch and even the Hulu streaming service, so the negative against Netflix knowing that it has been available on other consoles is at least suspicious.

Be that as it may, to this day it is still impossible to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch, and everything indicates that it will never happen. At least in the current generation …

Will the Switch Pro be the right model?

The Nintendo Switch may be such an appropriate console to play that it hardly ever occurs to you to do anything other than play a Mario game. But having a device of these inches encourages you to do so. We’ll see if the new screen rumored to include Switch Pro encourages Nintendo to open the ban and offer more streaming applications on its future console.

Taking into account the number of users that move services such as Netflix or Disney +, perhaps an interesting strategy would be to keep users glued to the console at all times, and although the battery is still fair, it would be interesting that at least the console is become a multimedia center the moment we plug it into the TV dock.

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