Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video: a pirate distributes a tool to capture movies and series

It is now possible for the general public to pirate movies and series directly on Netflix, Disney + and several other streaming platforms. A hacker calling himself Widevinedump has indeed published a tool to capture content on its services usually protected by DRM. He allegedly did this in revenge for Discord users.

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Although streaming platforms have clearly reduces the number of illegal downloads since their appearance, the practice is far from having disappeared. On the contrary, since the latter have since become the target of hackers. This is how Netflix saw two of its films released early last September and Wandavision became the most pirated series of 2021. To obtain this content, hackers use different methods. One of them is to capture video directly from the streaming service.

Several tools make it possible to bypass the DRM set up by the platforms, which hackers usually reserve for themselves. But that was before Widevinedump came along. The latter recently shared the source code of these tools on Github. This specifies that they work on Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, Apple TV +, HBO Max or Paramount +. They make it possible in particular to recover films and series in 4K.

Anyone Can Pirate Netflix or Disney + Content

What fly could have stung Widevinedump? The latter explains that his gesture is a vengeful response to certain Discord users. “I leak the CDM to punish the few idiots who think they are lords on Discord”, he writes. However, the pirate has not completely lost his mind. This CDM (Content Decryption Modul) he talks about is not available that easily. However, it is the latter that makes the capture of content possible.

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To obtain it, it is usually necessary pay a given amount at Widevinedump. Only one tool includes it for free, but only for a limited time. Either way, it’s a safe bet that GitHub will end up removing the tools quickly. In addition, Torrent Freak specifies that the code is not really up to date and therefore may present risks for its user. Add to this that they are completely illegal, we can only advise you to go your way.

Source: Torrent Freak

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