Netflix Games begins its journey on Android

Available to some users since last September in our country, it seems that Netflix Games is finally finishing completing its arrival to other users who have the app on an Android device. And now we can access a small selection of games specially designed for smart devices, related to some of its most recognized series.

In fact, as the account of Netflix Spain on Twitter, yet “we are very early in development and many more titles are coming». And it is that at the moment there are only five games available, with Stranger Things 3, Stranger Things: 1984, Card Blast, Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up.

Thus, after the recent announcement of the price increase, it should be noted that this game service comes completely free (or at least for now) allowing us users to download any of these games on any associated device as long as we are Netflix subscribers, and then launch them directly through the Netflix app.

Although curiously it seems that child profiles will not be able to access this first game package, appearing to be protected with the same PIN access system as adult accounts in the application.

If you were one of the lucky few to have been able to try this new feature since last September, unfortunately, the arrival of Netflix Games could be a little too late, since at the moment it does not include any new content.

Although the rest of users will finally be able to access this new section this afternoon, when they download the latest version of the Netflix application for AndroidThis new games tab appears within the home category drop-down menu, as well as a dedicated row of games in the general content library itself.

At the moment, it seems that Netflix is ​​only focusing on mobile games that work on Android devices, and given the strict rules of Apple with downloadable content from the application stores within its App Store, it seems very unlikely these users will watch Netflix Games in the short or medium term.

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