Netflix is ​​preparing a live-action Masters of the Universe movie

Netflix will soon launch the filming of its film The Masters of the Universe, with an actor from West Side Story in the skin of Musclor.

The announcement was made in February 2020, before the launch of the miniseries Masters of the Universe: Revelations. Netflix and Mattel are developing a live-action feature film. A film which had since been rather discreet, but which finally gives its news. According to Engadget, the production teams have already recruited their Musclor, emblematic character of the license.

The task was given to Kylen Allen. The actor recently appeared in West Side Story directed by Steven Spielberg. He then played Balkan, one of the members of Jets. He had also given the reply to Kathryn Newton in The map of tiny perfect things on Amazon Prime Video. Here, he will obviously have to approach a short blond square and the mythical costume of the protagonist.

If we know very little about the plot, we can imagine that it will be for Netflix and Mattel to return to the origins of the character, following him as he discovers his powers and that he prepares to face Skeletor to protect Eternia. Moreover, Netflix has not given the name of the actor who will put on the costume of the antagonist. Remember, however, that it was Mark Hamill who lent him his voice in the animated series broadcast in July 2021.

Filming begins this summer

Will the platform afford the luxury of offering to camp the character in live-action? Hard to know. However, the start of filming being imminent, we should discover more in the coming months. All the teams actually meet this summer for the start of hostilities.

Behind the camera, Aaron and Adam Nee will have the daunting task of bringing the universe into reality. This is not the first time that such a project has seen the light of day, we remember the cult nanar directed by Gary Goddard in 1987. It was Dolph Lundgren who then camped Prince Adam. The two directors will also be writing the screenplay, alongside Dave Callaham. He recently worked on Wonder Woman 1984 and on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. What could be more normal then that this superhero expert is now interested in the story of Musclor.

A release in 2023?

As usual, Netflix has not yet shared the release date for this new production. The platform often waits until the last moment before revealing its program, it should be expected that it will be available in 2023 on the platform. Until then, the red N will undoubtedly not fail to share the first images on its social networks.

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