Netflix is ​​working on a Bioshock-inspired movie

Netflix will adapt another video game saga. The platform, which is investing heavily in the field, is preparing a series inspired by Bioshock.

The Witcher, Arcane or resident Evil, there are countless video game adaptations that have joined the ranks of Netflix in recent years, with varying degrees of success. While the platform has been offering games within its application for a few months, it continues to invest in the genre by adapting classics of the 10th art. It’s the turn of the license Bioshock to pass on the billiards, since Netflix is ​​preparing a feature film inspired by the universe.

As a reminder of the facts, Bioshock is a first-person shooter that was released in 2007 on Xbox 360 and Windows. In 1960, Jack discovers the underwater city of Rapture after an air accident. Built by a billionaire megalomaniac, the city represents his utopian dream. Here, science is not subject to ethical rules and artists to censors. A real critical and commercial success, Bioshock will be offered two additional opuses in 2010 and 2013.

An intrigue still secret

For the time being, Netflix has not indicated to what extent this saga would be adapted. We therefore do not know if it will be a rereading of the plot of the first game, or a completely new adventure in the universe of the franchise. Nevertheless, the potential is enormous. With its art deco and steampunk atmosphere, the live-action has something to intrigue us. Especially since the creators of video games are not very far away, just to ensure that the platform will pay homage to its basic material.

Netflix will indeed join forces with 2K and Take-Two to develop this new project, alongside Vertigo Entertainment. The American production company is behind several cinematic successes, such as old boy of Spike Lee or even The Lego Great Adventure 2. She has also produced some hits on the small screen, such as Lucifer.

No release date

For now, details of this new movie are being kept under wraps. We do not know who was entrusted with the production, or even who are the actors who will be recruited to play the different characters. It must be said that the project is still at an embryonic stage, we will have to be patient. We can nevertheless count on Netflix to tell us more when the time comes.

Fans are also impatiently awaiting the formalization of the fourth part of the license. Announced in 2019, the new game has no official release date yet. However, it is rumored that things are going well behind the scenes. According to some well-informed media, the release could take place this year. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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