Netflix itself invited us to share an account in 2017 and this is the proof

Netflix will block shared accounts so you have to pay more to share your password

Menuda we have mounted with Netflix and your shared accounts. As you already know, the on-demand content company has decided to “get a hand” in the practice that was carried out in its service and this has angered 99% of its users. It is not for less. Especially if we take into account that it was the company itself that in its day invited us to share openly. What don’t you think? We have the proof.

The controversy of the accounts

We had been listening to the wolf was coming for quite some time, but the truth is that at this point, we almost believed that it would never happen. Meeec… mistake. A couple of days ago, the Netflix platform finally decided to make its “threat” official and real and finally intervened in the usual practice of sharing accounts for its service. In this way, the company announced that from now on each additional profile used on its platform associated with a user would have an additional cost of 6 euros (to be added to the official plan), in addition to limiting the number to only 2 extra accounts -Yours and two more.

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This has caused a wave of protests on the internet against the company, especially considering that not long ago the company with the red N The price of your plans has already increasedmaking it increasingly expensive to be able to enjoy its contents -especially in 4K, whose cost is already planted at 18 euros per month.

If we add to this that the competition is great and that we currently have a large number of services With very high-quality productions (as is the case with HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+), the fright of users can be epic, especially considering that many feel cheated by Netflix itself, which now seems to put all the possible obstacles to a practice that they themselves approved a few years ago…

Where did I say…

As expected, the official Netflix account on Twitter has been trying to weather the storm these days, responding to users and giving explanations about its new policy as best it can. In a message released on February 8, he pointed out that user profiles or accounts They are designed for a single house:

However, that is not the message he gave a few years ago. A clever twitterer, @elsamuguerra, has made a compilation of tweets from the same official Netflix Spain account, which in 2017 encouraged users openly to share an account:

Without a doubt, this change in discourse (beyond the painful rise in prices) is what annoys platform users the most and where Netflix has screwed up the most. Although the disgust would have been similar, be honest up front and acknowledging that this practice has gotten out of hand would have been better welcomed, rather than placing the blame on the customer and their “confusion about when and how” an account can be shared.

And you, are you going to continue subscribed or have you already consulted our guide on how to unsubscribe from Netflix?

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