Netflix launches a new subscription with ads, Elon Musk wants to fire half of Twitter, this is the recap

Netflix has launched a brand new subscription to seduce the public scalded by price increases, Elon Musk already wants the skin of half of Twitter employees and a Call of Duty player will complain directly to the offices of Activision. This is the recap!

It’s time for the recap of the day November 3, 2022. Today we have the new owner of Twitter who wants to fire everyone, a disgruntled gamer who is going to complain directly to Activision as well as a platform for streaming that offers a new subscription. Let’s go !

Elon Musk fires half of Twitter

Things have been moving at breakneck speed at Twitter since Elon Musk took over as boss. After dismissing some leaders and announcing a new paid certification system, the boss announced that he was going to fire 3,700 people, or half of the staff! An aggressive management, even totally absurd, which he fully assumes.

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A Call of Duty player walks into the Activision offices to complain.

Some Call of Duty players will do anything to keep playing. A follower of Modern Warfare 2 has been banned from the servers. Faced with this decision, which he considers unjustified, he decided to go and complain directly to the developers, in Texas. However, he was unable to enter the premises, arrested by security agents. A story that could have gone very wrong if the player had had bad intentions.

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Netflix launches a new subscription

By dint of increasing its prices, Netflix has lost many subscribers. In an attempt to stem the bleeding, the on-demand streaming service has launched a new offer. For 5.99 euros per month, the user will have access to part of the catalog (but not all) and will have the right to programs interspersed with advertisements (4 to 5 minutes per hour). Other limitations are to be expected, such as a quality limited to 720p or the impossibility of downloading content. Netflix is ​​betting a lot on this new offer to give a boost to its service.

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