Netflix-like: Warhammer figures are now on subscription

The system of subscriptions it is not something new to our time. Many companies maintained their business with this system, only from the telephone or sent door-to-door agents to attract their customers. With the development of the Internet, we thought that only businesses that are dedicated to streaming or selling audiovisual products could benefit from the subscription system. But nevertheless, Games Workshop it sought its usefulness in mid-2021, probably driven by the pandemic. And Now, they announce that some of their series will only be available to users who get one of their monthly subscriptions.

Warhammer + comes to the US as a subscription service

warhammer 40,000

At the end of August 2021, the British company Games Workshop announced Warhammer +, a platform with monthly or annual subscription for unify its entire ecosystem. Board game fans – or those who simply enjoy painting the miniatures – now have access to unique miniatures, series and books.

Every Wednesday since then, British fans have been able to access new eWarhammer 40,000 Animation Pods included under the product Warhammer tv. They can also access unique thumbnails and exclusive. A few months later, Games Workshop has announced its expansion, and the service arrives in the United States, with a much more complete and varied offering than what was initially tested in the UK.

Membership types, content and prices

Only those most involved in the world of Warhammer will be able to understand and value this new service that Games Workshop has launched, because Warhammer 40,000: Imperium it is a complicated product and not exactly suitable for newbies. New Warhammer + subscribers will receive monthly projects from the Space Marine and Necron series unassembled. They will also receive Exclusive paint sets, brushes and instructions.

If you’ve ever dabbled in the hobby, you probably know that Warhammer figures aren’t exactly cheap, so the subscription price won’t surprise you. Users who only want to get hold of the basic membership they will have to pay $ 55.80 per month. They will receive the equivalent of four regular Warhammer magazines, with the goal that the fan himself ends up completing the volume himself. And, on the other hand, the premium subscription worth 6$ 7.80 per month. And for that $ 12 difference, they include figures exclusive Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, Orc Armies and the T’au Empire.

Fans of the Warhammer figures have already done their analysis in the forums and have concluded that subscription is profitable, at least, with regard to the magazine, since, once the 80 issues are completed, they will have saved a 40% of its price. In the cheapest store, we would save only 20% compared to its official RRP. However, the bad news is that It will take us almost two years to complete the collection. Users who subscribe will begin to receive their first shipments from next January 26. At the moment, we do not know if Games Workshop has plans to expand this service to more countries around the globe.

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