Netflix now allows you to configure subtitles on TV

Cheer up, these days, being able to talk about Netflix without it being related to the hack to shared accountsits price drops in various regions and, in general, everything related to the storm in which the dean of streaming services has been living since the beginning of last year, when its numbers were quite dire, forcing the company to adopt enough measures aimed at trying to stop the bleeding that threatened their future.

Since then, and except for the content, of course, Netflix has hardly generated news related to changes and improvements in the service, something that is most surprising, since this is a field in which the service has always sought to stand out positively. And not only because of its frequency, but also because of the care that, traditionally, they have always put into each change, no matter how small, something that was very well exemplified by the case of the double thumb.

One of the points on which the company has wanted to focus for some time is on accessibility, that is, on the functions aimed at improving the user experience for people with various types of disabilities. In this regard, there were some interesting announcements in May of last year. And that is why, in truth, the novelty we are talking about today seems to me very good news, but I am surprised that it has taken so long to arrive.

The news is that, as we can read in TechCrunch, Netflix now allows you to customize the text of the subtitles. The company has not officially reported this, but the deployment of this function to a large number of regions has already been activated, which is why it is indicated in said publication, which gives us to understand that its global reach is only a matter of days. (who knows, maybe even hours).

With this change, Netflix users will be able to customize the size and style of subtitles when accessing the service directly from the app on their TV. This update lets you choose from three sizes (small, medium, and large) as well as four color formats: the default white text, Drop Shadow (white text on a black background), Light (black text on a white background), and Contrast ( yellow text with black background).

It is surprising, I say, that it has taken so long to arrive, since Netflix has allowed adjustments to be made in the display of subtitles, in its apps and on the web, for a long time. Here, for example, we tell you how to adjust them, along with other interesting tricks for the platform.

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