Netflix pauses all projects in Russia

Netflix is ​​following in the footsteps of Disney, Warner Bros and Sony. The firm announces freezing all its productions in Russia, in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Since the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, the film industry has taken drastic measures to condemn the actions of Putin’s government. A few days ago, Disney, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures announced that they would freeze the release of their next films in the country.

Thereby, The Batman Where Red alert will not be released in Russia. Netflix also took the floor to announce that it would not submit to the obligation to add the main Russian free channels to its offer, some of which are directly linked to the government.

Until now, it was unclear what would happen to original productions and local acquisitions. The red N was quick to decide. All filming and development is frozen until further notice. According to varietyseveral series and films are concerned, starting Anna Kre-reading of Tolstoy’s masterpiece Anna Karenina.

As filming wrapped last year, crews were forced to take an enforced break until a peaceful resolution was reached. Same story for the criminal thriller directed by Dasha Zuck, whose filming was in full swing.

The small and the big screen in solidarity with Ukraine

It’s not just studios supporting Ukraine. Russia has been banned from some of the biggest film festivals. This is the case in Cannes, where no Russian delegation or participants with links to the government will be welcomed. The team nevertheless insisted on “Salute the courage of all those in Russia who have taken the risk of protesting against the aggression and the invasion of Ukraine. Among them are artists and film professionals who have never stopped fighting against the current regime and who cannot be associated with these intolerable acts and those who are bombing Ukraine”.

Mania Series, which will run from March 18 to 25 in Lille, has also chosen to show solidarity with the country. To do this, the festival has entrusted the presidency to the Ukrainian producer Julia Sinkevych. In a press release, the organization of the festival explains:

“It seems essential to us today to turn our gaze to the dramatic situation that is shaking Ukraine and the entire world. By proposing this presidency to Julia Sinkevych, who holds high the colors of the culture of a bruised country, we wish to bear witness to the role of festivals in a world in crisis”.

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