Netflix prepares a triple A game

Netflix’s interest in the games market is well known. And it is that, after many years talking, in reference to services from other companies, of the “Netflix of video games”, the streaming giant decided to make it true, literally, by launching its own game service. As you will remember, the first public tests of it began a little over a year ago, in August 2021 and just one month later, in September, the service was already available to users in Spain.

Since then, we have been seeing how Netflix took steps to improve its catalog, such as the purchase of its third studio in March, the addition of three other titles in July or, more recently, signs of its interest in cloud gaming. , a particularly complex market (tell Stadia) but which seems to be experiencing slow but constant growth, gaining interest from new users every day, who discover and subscribe to the benefits of this proposal.

Until now, the reach of the Netflix of video games has been quite limited, yes, since it is limited exclusively to mobile platforms. Now, however, it looks like this is about to change. And it is that, as we can read in Gizchina, Netflix is ​​forming a team to create a game for PC.

Netflix prepares a triple A game

For the project, Netflix is ​​looking for the following profiles:

  • game directors experienced
  • technical directors
  • senior producers
  • Field Service Analysts
  • lead engineers

This already indicates that the aspirations are ambitious, but the definitive confirmation is found when reading the job description for the first of the profiles on the top list:

«We are looking for a highly-skilled, creative Game Director to help us shape the game direction and creative vision on a new AAA game for PC. As Game Director, you will be the creative lead of one of Netflix’s first generations of original games developed in-house. You will provide vision and direction for the game from the concept phase through production, launch, and live operations. The right candidate will bring industry-leading craft experience and attention to detail to deliver the vision of a high-quality, emotionally resonant, iconic, and heart-filled game. Creating a great game that players will want to come back to repeatedly is our primary goal: you’ll be able to build, submit, and run a game without any competitive design constraints due to monetization.«.

A very important aspect is found right at the end of it, when it is stated that the design will not be constrained by monetization, that is, it does not seem that we are talking about a game with micropayments, which points to its inclusion in the subscription to Netflix. Another option, of course, is to consider its sale according to the traditional model (a single payment) but, given the lack of success of its game proposal so far, it would be strange if it ended up resorting to this option.

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