Netflix releases (01 to 07/04)

Several movies and series enter the Netflix catalog every week so that subscribers to the streaming platform can have something new to watch. In order not to miss anything that is about to debut, it’s always good to keep an eye on Netflix releases.

In the films, the highlight is the title “The Bubble”, which shows a team trapped in a hotel due to the pandemic needing to finish the production of a film that is the hope of saving a production company.

In the series, the title that draws attention is “The Last Bus in the World”, which shows students needing to work together to save humanity. Here’s what Netflix releases for this week!


Netflix may change the release date of the titles listed below without notice.

Netflix releases: series

The Last Bus in the World (01/04)

A group of genius students are called upon to save humanity during a field trip.

The Home Edit: The Art of Organizing – Season 2 (01/04)

Two organization experts help people tidy up their homes.

Surprise suitor (04/04)

When going on a date in place of a friend, a woman did not expect to receive a proposal from the suitor.

Black Dog (05/04)

A temporary teacher decides to face the internal politics of a school to help her students fulfill their dreams.

The Endgame: Either House Or Vaza (06/04)

Reality TV puts relationships at risk by giving partners an ultimatum to marry.

Jimmy Savile’s Secrets and Crimes (06/04)

Documentary tells the story of the TV actor, who received accusations of sexual abuse.

Senzo: The Assassination of an Ace (07/04)

Documentary series tells the story of player Senzo Meyiwa, who was murdered.

Netflix releases: movies

The Bubble (01/04)

During the filming of a movie, your team ends up stuck in the hotel because of the pandemic and they need to find a way to finish the production of their title.

Battles: Freestyle (01/04)

While competing in Paris with her dance team, Amalie is distracted to find her mother estranged.

Celeb Five: Behind the scenes (01/04)

Documentary with the group Celeb Five has many jokes and improvisations.

Eternally Too Much for Me (01/04)

Marta’s life can change a lot just by having surgery when her true love appears.

Cobalt Blue (04/02)

An aspiring writer and his sister fall in love with a tenant in their house and must face the consequences.

Holmes & Watson (02/04)

Holmes & Watson need a plan to save Queen Victoria from Professor Moriarty.

Comfort Zone (04/03)

Two police officers find themselves trapped in a cultural confrontation, which occurs due to the violence of their own institution.

High Expectations (04/05)

To win over the owner of a bistro, a shy horse trainer tries his luck in the world of comedy.

Ronny Chieng: Here Between Us (05/04)

In stand-up, Ronny Chieng addresses various issues, such as racism.

Furious (06/04)

A policewoman makes a proposal for her ex-boyfriend to infiltrate a gang in order not to let her brother go to jail.

Michela Giraud: Nothing But the Truth (06/04)

Michela Giraud does stand-up with jokes about professional success, downsides to fame and more.

Back to Space (07/04)

Documentary shows the historic mission of Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers to return astronauts to the International Space Station.

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