Netflix releases (08 to 14/04)

Several movies and series enter the Netflix catalog every week so that subscribers to the streaming platform can have something new to watch. In order not to miss anything that is about to debut, it’s always good to keep an eye on Netflix releases.

In the films, the highlight goes to the title “Metal Lords”, which shows two friends fighting to win a band contest to become popular in high school.

In the series, the title that deserves attention is “Agra que te pariu”, which shows a woman doing everything to disrupt the life of her son with her daughter-in-law. Next, check out what are the releases of Netflix for this week!


Netflix may change the release date of the titles listed below without notice.

Netflix releases: series

Dial Pleasure (04/08)

An ambitious student begins a new career as an erotic phone service attendant in the 1980s.

Elite – Season 5 (08/04)

New semester in Las Encinas promises to bring more students and love triangles.

Tomorrow – new episode (09/04)

After becoming half human and half spirit, a young man needs to carry out special missions.

Animal Mysteries (12/04)

Animation features Sam and Kit unraveling mysteries of the animal world.

In Chess (12/04)

In her own series, Catherine Tale plays characters ranging from inmates to the warden of a prison.

The mother-in-law who gave birth to you (13/04)

A woman does everything to disrupt her son’s life with her daughter-in-law.

The World’s Most Fascinating National Parks (13/04)

With narration by Barack Obama, the documentary series shows some spectacular parks.

Almost Happy – Season 2 (13/04)

Sebástian continues to try to improve his personal life.

Ultraman – Season 2 (14/04)

Ultraman must fight a hitherto unknown alien race that wants to take over Earth.

Netflix releases: movies

I’m Still Here (04/08)

After losing her love in an accident, a young woman believes she is communicating with him from beyond.

The Crystal Girls (08/04)

Pressed for the lead role in a play, a ballerina forms a great friendship with a colleague.

Metal Lords (04/08)

Excluded in high school, two friends dream of winning the Battle of the Bands to be admired.

On the way home (11/04)

A little dog takes a long trip across the United States to find her owner.

Adjustment of Accounts (04/13)

A man comes out of jail willing to pay whoever put him there unfairly.

Amalgma (04/13)

Four dentists spend two unforgettable days in Riviera Maya.

The Tamed Shrew (13/04)

A scientist decides to return to her hometown after ending a relationship and her brother takes advantage of the moment to convince a man to sell his family’s land.

Let’s Fix the World (13/04)

Upon discovering that he may not be Benito’s father, Diego sets out on a journey with the boy in search of the truth.

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