Netflix releases (13-19/05)

Several movies and series enter the Netflix catalog every week so that subscribers to the streaming platform can have something new to watch. In order not to miss anything that is about to debut, it’s always good to keep an eye on the platform’s launches.

In the movies, the highlight is the arrival of “Sonic: The Movie” to the platform, which shows the blue hedgehog teaming up with a sheriff for his fight against Dr. Robotnik who wants to steal his powers.

In the series, the title that draws attention is “The Power and the Law”, which shows the story of a lawyer at his worst deciding to return to active duty to take on a murder case. Next, check out what are the releases on Netflix for this week!


Netflix may change the release date of the titles listed below without notice.

Netflix releases: series

The Power and the Law (13/05)

After an accident, a lawyer decides to return to work by accepting a murder case.

Empire of Ostentation – Season 2 (16/05)

Reality show shows the lives of Asian millionaires in Los Angeles.

Vampire in the Garden (16/05)

Description not provided by Netflix.

Wasn’t in the Script (5/17)

Reality show shows strangers meeting each other with diaries to tell their love story.

Who Killed Sarah? – 3rd season (18/05)

Alex goes on a quest to exact revenge on his sister’s killer.

Love on the Spect: USA (18/05)

Reality show shows what the process of finding love on the autistic spectrum is like.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S (18/05)

Upon returning to the school, the guardians see a terrible threat through a dream of Rei.

Adam Conover: Is Politics Discussed? (05/19)

Adam Conover exposes the institution’s strengths and weaknesses to teach people.

Insiders (05/19)

Twelve people participate in a reality show thinking they are in the selection process for it.

The Boss Baby: Back to the Cradle (19/05)

In order not to be arrested, Ted will pretend to be Tim, his brother.

Netflix releases: movies

Back to the Ball (13/05)

After spending 20 years in a coma, a woman still dreams of being prom queen.

Corral (05/15)

A man finds himself divided by his principles when he helps a childhood friend get elected councilor.

Katt Williams: Third World War (15/05)

Katt Williams jokes in this stand-up with chicken wings shortages, the war on drugs and other subjects.

Sonic: The Movie (15/05)

Teaming up with his town’s sheriff, Sonic must stop Dr. Robotnik steal your powers.

The Two Irenes (16/05)

A shy young woman discovers that her father has a second daughter with the same name and different personality.

Barbie and the Secret Agents (16/05)

Because they are great athletes, Barbie and two friends become secret agents.

Barbie – Princess School (05/16)

Blair Willows is excited about the start of classes and will set out in search of a magical crown.

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (05/16)

Getting stuck for Christmas with her friends, Barbie has an incredible experience.

Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar (16/05)

Keira is a star and Tori dreams of living her life. So, being tired of her life, Keira reverses roles with Tori.

Servant of the People: the Movie (16/05)

Series shows the life of a professor who ends up becoming an internet sensation when he is angry with corruption in politics.

The Cold Front that Rain Brings (17/05)

A group of rich young people rent a slab in a community in Rio to throw a party.

A Second Chance to Love (17/05)

The life of an elf who works in a shop at Christmas can change when she meets Tom.

Cyberhell: Exposing An Internet Horror (5/18)

Documentary shows how a network of online chat rooms turned out to be riddled with sex crimes.

Killer Instinct (5/18)

A man on parole goes to a remote island to investigate the mysterious death of his brother.

The Lighthouse (18/05)

In the 1890s, a lighthouse keeper suspects his colleague is insane.

Tuscany (18/05)

By going to Tuscany to sell the goods he inherited from his father, a man may have found his great love.

Perfect Match (05/19)

In search of a client, Lola goes to Australia and ends up falling in love with a rustic man.

The Photographer and the Postman: the Crime that Stopped Argentina (19/05)

Documentary shows the story of the murder of photojournalist José Luis Cabezas.

Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I arrived (19/05)

Stand-up brings Rodrigo Sant’Anna telling personal stories and bringing peculiar characters to life.

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