Netflix renews Arcane for a second season

After Arcane’s overwhelming success, the first film adaptation of Riot Games’ even more successful computer game, it appears that confirmation has just leaked that a second season is already in production. What is not clear, however, is whether we will see a direct continuation of these first three acts, or if failing that, the series will go on to explore other regions and characters in this universe.

And it is that without a doubt the popularity of the series is not a surprise, not only because of its own quality or the incredibly well treated passage of League of Legends to the big screen. On the one hand, we find a formula that Both Netflix and Riot have been heavily promoting the show, including even various League of Legends associations with other games. Although this popularity has been reciprocal, the game has seen a large increase in new accounts and returns after the release of Arcane.

Co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee said they were “more than happy” with the reaction from fans, and in fact, the numbers back them up too. Arcane’s first season has managed to accumulate almost 34.2 million hours of viewing in its first week, Outstanding among the top 10 Netflix content of all time, actually achieving results that make it the second most popular television series in any language, behind only Narcos: Mexico (with almost 50.3 million hours) .

The revamp doesn’t necessarily hint at a new wave of game-inspired Netflix shows, though it certainly does suggest that relatively high-budget game productions have a pretty healthy future on this streaming service.

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