Netflix takes a run with the games: 9 has launched in November

Netflix has put its paw in the field and wants to put a lot more, but that does not sound bad to you because I am referring to the head…. which also sounds bad, said like that. The point is that Netflix wants to enter the gaming sector and is doing it little by little, but in crescendo.

Without going any further, this month of November that ends today Netflix has published 9 games, all of them available free of charge for subscribers to the service. Until now the trickle of exclusive titles had been constant, with months like last July in which three were released; but they had never reached the levels we are seeing.

In fact, Netflix has not dedicated itself solely to launching games: it has bought development studios, it has hinted at its interest in cloud gaming… The latest has been the triple A game they have in hand, something that seems easier to Say what to do, but they are at it.

All this to tempt its subscribers with an extra that has its point, we are not going to deny it, but that does not go very far either -hence, probably, the triple A-, as can be deduced from the data that less than 1% of Netflix users have tried the games, even when they are really accessible.

The scope of Netflix games is restricted to that of the two major mobile platforms of today, Android and iOS, so that access to these titles is within the reach of practically any of its millions of users. Of course, there are already so many attractive mobile games, many of them free, that perhaps this is not the best strategy to retain subscribers.

Be that as it may, Netflix’s commitment to games is stronger than initially imagined and it’s getting bigger, so keep that in mind if you subscribe to the service. We leave you with the games (8 of the 9, I can’t find the last one) that have been released in November. Those that interest you, you look for them on Google Play or the App Store.

Skies of Chaos

Flutter Butterflies

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales

Country Friends

Cats & Soup

Reigns: Three Kingdoms

Hello Kitty Happiness Parade


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