Netflix: the formula with ads starts badly, cult series have disappeared!

The cheaper formula with Netflix ads is due to land tomorrow in France and other countries. Only and contrary to the promise made by the streaming service, the catalog is far from complete. It is missing from many flagship series like Breaking Bad or The Crown. The cause ? Negotiations still ongoing with the rights holders.

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As you may know, Netflix confirmed around mid-October 2022 the arrival of its new cheaper formula with advertisements in several countries on November 3, 2022. This subscription must land in France, the United States and 10 other countries.

Offered at €5.99 per month, it will in return require viewers to watch advertisements between 15 and 30 seconds before and during the broadcast of their content on Netflix. According to the statements of the platform, it will take a total of between 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements per hour of content viewed.

In addition, it will also be necessary to be satisfied with a definition in HD 720p only, while it will be impossible to download films and series for offline viewing. Ahead of the launch, Netflix had caused some concern by announcing that certain films and series could be absent, lack of agreement with the rights holders.

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Cult series absent from the formula with Netflix ads

Still, there was hope that things would be settled by launch. And as revealed by our colleagues from wall street journal, That’s far from being the case. While the formula with Netflix ads is due to land on November 3, 2022, cult series on the platform are still missing.

This is particularly the case of Breaking Bad, The Crown, Cobrai Kai, How Get Away with Murder or Grey’s Anatomy. According to the American media, Netflix continues to haggle with several major studios for the right to broadcast ads or offer their content in the new format. According to the American media, the platform has not yet reached an agreement with five major players in the 7th art industry, namely Disney, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Lions Gate Entertainment.

In other words, the subscription launched tomorrow will offer a catalog amputated from several flagship series of the platform. What discourage many users. Especially since, as a study by the media agency Omnicom Media Group has proven, Netflix’s new formula is far from seducing the crowds for the moment. Indeed, 45% of those questioned are resistant to the arrival of advertisements on Netflix.

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