Netflix to tell the biggest Tinder scam with this documentary

The Tinder Scammer will follow the victims of a man who has extracted millions of euros from several women he met on the application.

Dating apps have dramatically changed love affairs. Now, users of Tinder and the like can meet people from all walks of life, no matter where they are on the globe. If many romances are born thanks to these dating sites, it is also the favorite playground of scammers who hope to shoe a beautiful fish; most often to extract money from him.

This is what happened to several women in Europe, the victim of a professional con artist. The man was hooking up with female Tinder users online, posing as a financial mogul with legal issues. The goal of the maneuver: to swindle them and extract millions of euros from them.

From the creators of Don’t F ** ck With the Cats, The Tinder Scammer intends to retrace the history of the women who crossed the path of this man wanted by justice in several countries. Below the trailer, Netflix explains: “When one swipe is enough to turn your life around, the most beautiful fairy tale can quickly turn into a nightmare. But three women decided that the time had come for a response ”

Meeting on February 2

To discover this new documentary, Netflix is ​​meeting its subscribers on February 2. The platform seems to focus on productions of the genre in particular. She has moreover several successes to her credit, starting with the documentary series centered on Tiger king. She also made a lot of noise at the time of the release of Behind our smoke screens, who was interested in social networks and their impact on society.

Netflix is ​​also putting music at the heart of its strategy. The platform has produced a documentary on Belgian singer Angèle and plans to dedicate one to a Kanye West. So we haven’t finished hearing about Netflix productions. It remains to be seen whether the users “Swiperont” to the right each of these documentaries.

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