Netflix unveils the trailer for its new South Korean series

At the start of 2022, Netflix is ​​surfing on the success of South Korean productions with its adaptation of the webtoon Now at Our School.

After the success of Squid Game, Netflix continues to focus on South Korean productions to expand the ranks of its SVOD offering. After the deadly games, the red N will this time attack zombies and other ghouls thirsty for fresh flesh. This is not Netflix’s first foray into the genre, as it also produced Kingdom in 2019.

Exit feudal Japan, All of us are Dead will plunge us into a contemporary universe where teenagers find themselves trapped in their high school after a zombie invasion. They must now survive until someone comes to their aid. All of us are Dead is adapted from a webtoon called Now at Our School.

The first season, in 12 episodes, was directed by Lee Jae-Kyu (Intimate Strangers and The Fatal Encounter). When writing the screenplay, we find Chung Sung-Il. The Korean screenwriter and producer has worked on several successful feature films in the country, starting with The Long Way Home that he realized. He was also rewarded in his country for the screenplay of The Slave Hunters.

An imminent exit

No doubt wanting to surf on the success of Korean productions, like Squid Game, but also more recently Hellbound, Netflix isn’t really going to give us a break. The series will officially launch on January 28, just a few days away.

It remains to be seen from now on whether All of Us Are Dead will meet its audience. We can already imagine that Kingdom fans will rush to the platform to discover this new zombie production. The success of Squid Game could also offer unprecedented visibility to the South Korean series, offering viewers an opportunity to be entertained while waiting for season 2 already announced a few months ago.

As a reminder, the screenwriter and director confided a few days ago that a third round of episodes was also under discussion. We should therefore not run out of Korean production in the coming months.

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