Netflix wants to control account sharing, Xiaomi’s first electric car on the run, this is the recap

Xiaomi’s first electric car is shown in a visual, Netflix casts doubt on the control of account sharing and One UI 5.1, the Galaxy S23 overlay, is long overdue, this is the recap!

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It’s time for the recap of the day on January 30, 2023. Today we have an electric car from a manufacturer known for its smartphones, a streaming platform that is not too fond of account sharing as well as an overlay of a long-awaited phone. Fasten your seatbelts !

Netflix wants to know if you share your account

In 2023, it will no longer be possible to share a Netflix account with a relative or friend. The platform wants to put an end to this practice which costs it a lot of money. However, his method of tracking down fraudsters still remains a mystery. However, UFC Que Choisir has an idea of ​​the process: Netflix could simply scan your IP address. Rest assured, offenders will not immediately see their bill increase. Again, the brand plays the suspense. In any case, it will be necessary to make a cross on account sharing.

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Xiaomi’s electric car shows the end of its hood

Xiaomi’s electric car, we’ve been hearing about it for a while. In 2023, the manufacturer could decide to tell us a little more. On Weibo, China’s flagship social network, the first pictures of the vehicle have been seen. As we can see, it will be a sedan similar to what the competition already does. Its name has also been revealed: it would be called the MS11.

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Everything we know about One UI 5.1, Samsung’s new overlay

The Galaxy S23s are expected to be showcased at Samsung’s Unpacked event next Wednesday. Smartphones should ship the new overlay of the manufacturer: One UI 5.1. Of course, it has already leaked everywhere. We have compiled the new features for you in a dedicated article: Quick access to RAW format, more Emojis, redesign of the interface… we tell you everything!

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