Netflix will offer streaming video games from 2022

Netflix has announced that it will offer streaming video games from the 2022 thus setting out to conquer the gaming sector.

No longer just films and TV series inspired by videogame sagas for the streaming giant, with the beginning of a new adventure in the distribution of gaming on demand.

Netflix is ​​launching into a new adventure: from 2022 not only cinema and TV series but also video games

According to what has been stated, the games will be offered through the platform itself, without further extra charges, or at least in a first period.

Confirmation of Netflix’s expansion into the world of video games comes from a recent report by Bloomberg News which speaks of this strategic operation that will most likely be launched in 2022.

According to the source, Netflix identified in Mike Verdu the figure to rely on by naming him “vice president of game development“.

Verdu is a true expert in the sector as he has already worked for Electronic Arts and more recently was the vice president of the augmented and virtual reality section of Facebook.


For now we still don’t know anything specifically regarding the titles that will be offered by Netflix to its subscribers.

However, in the meantime, we can reflect on the reasons behind the choice of the Scotts Valley giant to offer video games in streaming. If we think about it, in fact, the platform remains in first place among the competitors in the streaming sector, but only in the last year have we seen a strong resurgence of Disney +. Furthermore, despite the 100 million subscribers, Netflix it is the oldest streaming platform on the market, as it has been around for much longer.

Therefore, both for reasons related to the expansion of the offer and to try to innovate the platform and make the experience for subscribers more engaging, vast and interactive, the “red N” has decided to take this important step.

From its Netflix it also has the possibility to “innovate” the use of gaming content and to go beyond the simple streaming of video games, just think of what happened with Bandersnatch.

For this I can’t wait to find out more about the offer of Netflix of streaming video games.

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