Netflix will start charging extra for sharing your account with friends. How will it work?

Netflix remains the on-demand content platform with the most users in the world. There are not a few new platforms that have appeared over the years, but with its great variety and good prices it is still at the top. Although, seeing the latest decision of the company, a bleeding of clients who are going to unsubscribe could be approaching. ( The reason? Netflix is ​​going to charge you more for account sharing.

And that is why, soon and in some countries, It will start testing in which it will charge for sharing an account with users who are outside the home. As explained by the company, thanks to this they will be able to improve their ability to invest in new series and movies.

«We’ve always made it easy for people who live together to share their Netflix account, with features like separate profiles and multiple streams on our Standard and Premium plans. Although they have been very popular, they have also created some confusion about when and how Netflix can be shared. As a result, accounts are being shared across households, affecting our ability to invest in great new movies and TV shows for our members.» Indicate the company in your Press release.

If you want to share Netflix with friends, you will have to pay more


By signing up for a Netflix account, you have the ability to create multiple profiles so that each member of the household has their own content suggestions and more. But the truth is that nothing prevents someone outside the home from using one of these profiles if they share the password.

Although the terms of Netflix do not support it, this is a way that allows many people to pay half the service of the platform and use them from different places. And this is precisely what the company is trying to eliminate.

Netflix has made a statement explaining that: “Over the last year we have been working on ways to allow members who share outside their home to do so easily and securely, while paying a little more.”In addition, they have announced During the following weeks and as a test, in the countries of Peru, Chile and Costa Rica they will launch two new options.

The first of them is that of add an additional member. In the countries mentioned above, users with Standard and Premium plans will be able to add subsidiary accounts for up to two people who are not at the same address.

These two accounts will be able to have their own user, but paying an extra, which will be 7.9 soles in Peru, 2,380 pesos in Chile and 2.99 dollars in Costa Rica.

The other option will be transfer the profile to a new account. In this way, users with Basic, Standard and Premium plans will be able to pass the information of a shared profile to a subsidiary account or new account with a different subscription.

According to Netflix, both options allow users to keep their viewing history, profile personalization, recommendations based on history and the content included in My list.

Netflix has already started testing

netflix pay share account

According to the press release published by Netflix, it will present these two new options on a trial basis in the aforementioned countries, so users who do not live at home will soon be able to make the additional payment to have their own profiles.. If Netflix detects that a user is trying to access an account away from home, it will ask for a verification code to approve the login.

For now, the content-on-demand platform has not mentioned the date on which the tests begin, but it has confirmed that it will analyze its performance in Peru, Chile and Costa Rica before making more changes in the rest of the countries.

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