Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ hints at ways

Netflix has released the first official trailer of Cowboy bebop, the adaptation of the classic anime in the form of a series with characters starring real actors. That which has been called lately as live action, it is not clear why.

Be that as it may, what matters is the staging of Cowboy bebop, which in addition to confirming Netflix’s commitment to anime or, in this case, for everything that comes from the world of anime, comes anticipated by a lot of media and popular attention, given the veteran and beloved franchise that it recreates and what badly that these experiments usually turn out when they are tried from the West.

In fact, almost every piece of news about this adaptation has had its little bit of controversy, motivated mainly by the main cast: of the age of John Cho (Two very stoned hangers, Star trek), who puts himself in the shoes of a Spike Spiegel who in the original series was not 30 years old, although he is going to be 50; to the physicist of Daniella Pineda (Jurassic world), which would not resemble Faye Valentine’s; or the color change of Jet Black, more black that never by the work and grace of Mustafa Shakir (Luke cage).

And yet, once the transformation of the main trio is seen … Could it have been done better? You can always do better, but it has been done wonderfully: Cho remains in a form that gives envy, Pineda has an equally successful presence, not only in the physical, but also in the character of Valentine, who as a vase woman had very little; and Shakir blends into his character perfectly. Of course this is my opinion after having seen the new trailer for Cowboy bebop, which is not the first to come out …

Or rather yes: this trailer is actually the third preview that Netflix publishes of Cowboy bebop, after a first flash taking advantage of the TUDUM fan event, in which the sequence of credits of the series was advanced, if not traced, very attached to that of the anime; and after a second video released last week showing something else (all three are included in this post, so you don’t miss a thing). There goes the second:

This second trailer, however, did not leave a good taste in the mouth of what to expect from the action scenes, the effects and others, although it already advanced the tone and here it was close to that of the Cowboy bebop original., especially with regard to the main characters … Yes, it differs many things and surely there are many more when you can see the series in full, but it is an adaptation that comes twenty years after the anime…

… But, on the other hand, it seems much more faithful to the spirit of the title than you might expect, frenetic jazz bebop included; and judging by the final trailer, with more plastic quality than what had been exhibited so far. Whether or not it is what many of those who enjoyed the original series crave will have to be judged from the next Friday, November 19, date on which the series will be released on Netflix, in tough competition with another long-awaited adaptation as The wheel of time from Amazon Prime Video.

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